Wednesday, October 30, 2013

31 Days of Halloween: Day 23 - Pumpkin Carving.

Alternately titled: Punkin' Chunkin'.

I have a confession. Pumpkin carving is NOT one of my favorite activities. I love pumpkins. I love carved pumpkins. I do not like to carve pumpkins. And after Monday night, I'm not sure Eddie does either. :)

James had big aspirations for our pumpkin this year. I'd gotten the grand idea that I would carve a Tinkerbell pumpkin for James' party this year (Peter Pan party and Tinkerbell is the one that "lights up" so I thought it was perfect) but I never got around to doing it. I mentioned it to the boys on Monday and James declared that we needed a CAPTAIN HOOK pumpkin. I googled "Captain Hook pumpkin stencils" and this was the best we came up with:

I wasn't sold, but James loved it so off we went.

James was TOTALLY into it this year. LOVED every second of it. Wanted to help scrape all the insides out, wanted to help carve, etc. LOVED IT. Will did not. He didn't want the insides anywhere near him. Hilarious!

I knew Eddie would hate this picture, but it was a cute one of them together. When I showed it to him he asked if I'd put something over his face like the preschoolers in James' class whose parents I haven't asked permission from about going on the blog. Of course!

It got too dark to carve outside so Eddie took it in and worked on it after the boys had gone to bed.

The verdict was it was a DISASTER. The whole thing started falling apart. Oops! We realized too late that we should have started carving the smallest parts out first and the biggest pieces last, but we didn't. I'd show you the finished project, but our stinker boys stuck their fingers into it and the pieces that weren't broke began to fall apart, too. Now it's just one big pumpkin with a hole in it. Yikes. We'll stick with a regular jack 'o lantern face next year!

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