Saturday, October 12, 2013

31 Days of Halloween: Day 11 - Pumpkin Patch

{I'm cheating a little bit because this actually happened on the TWELFTH day of October, but I'm going to try to squish a few things together.}

We have had a BUSY day. We headed out first thing this morning to get family pictures taken. We're using a new photographer here in town that has come highly recommended (we switched because of distance between us and our previous photographer...not because of anything negative) and I have my fingers crossed that she got at least a few good pictures. The boys were the least cooperative they've ever been in pictures so we shall see.

As soon as we were finished with pictures we went to a local farmer's market and pumpkin patch to get that checked off our list. Bonus - riding the train! {If you're a local friend you probably already know this but we didn't so I'm passing it along. You can pay JUST to ride the train. Adults are $3 each and you can ride as many times as you'd like, you just can't get off in the village. The pumpkin patch and farmer's market are free!}

{The corn box was a HUGE hit. We would have stayed all day if another child hadn't been SPITTING. Seriously, I want corn in our sandbox instead of sand. They LOVED it and weren't disgusting when they got out of it!...Except for the spit, I mean.}

This was a fun one! We're going to try to go back again for a bit longer but we didn't know when we'd get to do the pumpkin patch if not today! {James has a pumpkin patch field trip to another farm soon and I can't wait!}

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