Sunday, September 22, 2013

Moving, Organizing, and Sunday Afternoon Naps.

I have struggled with how much to share on this topic and have decided for the time being to keep most of this part of our lives private, but for the sake of being at least a little transparent, I need to tell you that we moved this summer. Are you all rolling your eyes because you'd already figured it out? I couldn't decide how much to share or even what to share because I do want to try to keep some privacy here on ye olde blog (especially because Eddie is NOT the open book that I am and I am trying to be a little more aware that two little boys may not be as open to the telling of everything to the internets), but for the sake of sharing a few stories in the coming days and weeks, you need to know that we picked up and moved this summer. And if it were not for the fact that we're in "temporary housing" until our house sells, I would never. move. again. When we start looking (or building?!) I am going to cross my fingers and hope that we find our "forever" home. Ha. Hahahahaha. But seriously, moving is a big old pain in the buttocks.

So this weekend Eddie and I took the boys with Grandmama and Granddaddy and spent the day packing, cleaning, and organizing our old home. We are trying to de-junk it in an effort to make it look nice for potential buyers. Obviously, the events of the past few weeks have put that on the back burner but now we're in a time crunch and NEED to get it finished. Whew! We worked hard yesterday and when we were leaving I looked around and wondered what the heck I'd even done all day because it didn't look any better. I can understand why people hire professional movers.

So Saturday wasn't relaxing, but TODAY certainly was. Thank heavens. It didn't start out relaxing, though. We went to church and Sunday School in the pouring down rain. And when I say pouring I mean that by the time I ran to the car and buckled Will in and then buckled myself in I was drenched. And wondered why in the world I'd bothered to curl my hair. James told me I needed to go back and dry it again. We carried on for church and after realizing we were locked out of the children's building and having to run in the rain to the other door we finally made it into the service. I looked like a drowned rat. For real.

Eddie and I taught Sunday School together this week since my helper friend was under the weather. We had about five little children and they were so sweet and well-behaved. We're working on Genesis right now and we talked about the seventh day. 

After church we grabbed lunch and went home and rested. I cannot tell you the last time we've been able to just sit at our own (temporary) home on a Sunday afternoon, watch television (yesterday's Georgia game) while the boys sleep, drink a cup of coffee, and start on my Book Club book for this week's meeting. Oh my word. Sunday afternoon naps are way underrated. This has been the most wonderful afternoon of just being quiet.

My house is not clean or organized, my laundry is overflowing, I have lots of projects to do, and I need to go to the grocery store, but I am just soaking in the quietness of Sunday afternoon knowing that the rest can wait. Ahhhh.

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Amy said...

girl! it was no coincidence your sunday school lesson was on the seventh day - the day of REST!!! glad you were able to get some rest today. been thinking of you and your family! prayers that all settles down soon and that y'all are able to find your "forever" home!! :)