Thursday, September 19, 2013


As you can imagine, life has just been a whirlwind lately. A big old knock-everything-down whirlwind. Thankfully, things seem to be getting back to normal. The little boys are going to school, we've got some big things in the works around our house, schedules are happening, organizing is going on, etc., etc. I have cooked three nights this week (ok, ANNA cooked one night this week, but I'd planned and bought the groceries and she whipped it up while I was busy) and that always makes me feel more normal than running through for take-out yet again.

Whew! In an effort to just play catch up on life, I thought I'd share some pictures since last we met.

Will took some selfies and rearranged the den one morning:

Another morning he did some reading and some baby yoga.

I stopped by the library and picked up new read-alouds for James. We've finished two of these already and I can't wait to read the next two! He is REALLY into "chapter books" lately and I'm loving it!

Someone discovered a PINK pull-up in his pull-up box. What?!?! It was a borrowed one from AM that we never used. He has stuck his tongue out several times lately about this yucky pink thing!

It's not often that Anna, John, and I ride together in the "way back" of the car anymore.

But when we do, we act like this.

James, Grandmama, Nancy, and Kelly ran in their first Color Run! This was also James' first 5K AND James' first time NOT to have a stroller to hop into. I think he got carried by Nancy for about half, but I still thought that was pretty good for an itty bitty boy!

We went to Anne Margaret's birthday party and James got a cake painted on his face.

I am borrowing these dishes from my mother-in-law for a bit and when Eddie brought them in and unpacked them I fell in love. He thought I was kidding, but are they not perfect for the fall???

James took some selfies just like Will.

The other day we were having chili for lunch and James ran to his room and got his apron from Anne Margaret's party (it was the party favor - she had an art party) and said he needed it to wear like Poppy. Sonny often ate lunch in an apron so that he wouldn't get his work clothes messy. I thought it was smart thinking!

And here is my little buddy. We dropped James off at school and came home for breakfast for him. He wanted to wear a "TeeTee" shirt today (seriously, BOTH of my kids have called Mickey "TeeTee") and then picked out this hat to wear. He is a MESS. 

More on our goings-on tomorrow.

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