Monday, August 26, 2013

It's Definitely Monday.

I cannot hold my eyes open this morning. James has been a little under the weather this weekend so we're skipping school today and I've been sitting in the den watching the boys play and I'm just about to fall asleep. Zzzzzz. Stayed up too late last night!

Friday afternoon was the busiest. day. ever. Okay, just in a long while. I had someone doing some work at my house and I had to run a few errands for her while she was there. I also needed to pick up my altered bridesmaid's dress for Lib's wedding and go to the grocery store for Dinner Club drinks and dessert. A sweet family friend who gets out of high school at noon kept the boys for me for the afternoon so I could get everything done. I was SO glad to have her do that so I didn't have to haul the boys in and out of carseats. It would have been a lot of hauling.

Friday night we headed to the Days' house for Dinner Club. It was a last minute shindig but EVERYONE was there and we had a fun time. James is finally to the age where he can play without really being watched, we just have Will to contend with. Both boys were great, though. I made an ice cream sandwich dessert. I'm not sure what to call it, really. Pie? Casserole? It was REALLY good. I just let the sandwiches thaw a bit and put them in the bottom of a casserole dish. I topped them with Cool Whip, hot fudge sauce, another layer of sandwiches, more Cool Whip, more hot fudge, and chocolate chips. Presto! Yummy and it was eaten up!

Saturday we dropped the boys off bright and early with Grandmama. Eddie and I had a LOT of work to do around our house and it was helpful NOT to have our little helpers. Because they're not all that helpful, you know? We got lots and lots and lots done on Saturday and Eddie worked again around the house knocking things off the list on Sunday.

Seriously, that's about all we did this weekend and while I'd love to tell you it was glorious, I am just beat. James has been sick with a low grade fever and a stuffy nose and my throat hurts. Yea for back-to-school germs, huh? Not. I don't know what Will's deal is but goodness gracious good gravy is he a whiner lately. Teeth? Just that magical age that is 18 months? I have no idea. But whooo buddy. If he doesn't get his way, look out!

While we were at Mama's this weekend Dixie climbed right into Eddie's bag. Think she misses Mom and Sonny? ;)

Dr. Will had to check on patient James this weekend when he was sick. This was the nicest they were to each other all day on Sunday. They were both just ridiculous!

We have another super busy week around these parts. Doctors office visits, haircuts, nail appointments (finally!), and more! See why I'm so sleepy???

The update on Poppy is that he's still doing well. He's had a little temperature so we're praying that goes away quickly. They really can't do much until he's well from that. They've been VERY pleased with how quickly he's healing up. We'll see what the next week brings! Hoping we can see him soon. James told me this morning that he sure misses Poppy.

Happy Monday, y'all!

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