Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day of School!

I sent my biggest baby off to school this morning. Brand new school, brand new friends. He was definitely a little nervous. He's going FIVE days this year (boohoo!) but I've been told by numerous friends that once they start going five days they really do much better because they're in a routine!

He got up this morning and requested a PopTart for breakfast. For sure not the greatest thing, but we were doing what HE wanted today just to maintain the peace! He put on his school clothes and brushed his teeth and we took a few pictures.

He walked right on into his classroom this morning and one of his teachers greeted him and took him to find his cubby to hang up his backpack. He began playing while I chatted with another teacher (he has two this year - there are SEVENTEEN children in their class!). I told him I was leaving and hugged him goodbye and he did ask me not to leave. I told him they would make me and he said, "*Sigh* Okay. I love you." I walked out and circled around to peek in and he was playing with their kitchen set. Not playing with anyone, but he was playing and not crying. One of my best friends works at the church so she stopped by to peek in on him a few minutes ago and sent me a picture of him sitting with one of our other best friend's little boys. If they team up those teachers are in for trouble! ;)

Will has thoroughly enjoyed his one-on-one time with me today! Don't tell James but we went and picked up Daddy from his office to run a quick errand and then we came home so I could turn on the crockpot.

The verdict after the first day this year was much different than last year. He was a much happier boy when I took him home this year. He came running up to me and hugged me and was pretty chatty about his day. They painted, played on the playground (where he pretended the boat was HIS boat and he whistled - this is from Peter Pan), and he kept all his bugs in his jar!!! (a positive reinforcement system for behavior) but not everyone else did. He DID play with some other children but he didn't know their names. And there's one little girl who is as cute as Taylor (his friend from school last year) but he didn't remember her name either. He says he WILL go back tomorrow, if only to walk Will to his room. ;)

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