Saturday, June 22, 2013


I think I've started and saved five different posts this week. I have no idea what I've shared, but I know it's not much. SO. VBS recap very quickly on this Saturday morning while Will is occupied and the big boys are working in the yard.

Top Row (l to r): Recreation, Silly face!, Asleep on Monday after getting up from his nap, face paint!
2nd Row (l to r): Waiting on balloon animals, recreation, recreation, Bible story
3rd Row (l to r): Bible story, recreation - inflatables!, science - making a rainbow, recreation
4th Row (l to r): MORE recreation, lots of coffee needed this week!, boys wrestling after vbs, picture for a frame

And a few videos:

He's on the left of the stage in the blue shirt. The music teacher asked the preschoolers to sing because they'd done such a great job with motions. Not *quite* as animated in front of a group. Ha!

James sings one of his VBS songs. I couldn't believe he knew all the words! Translation: The United Kingdom, Mexico, Japan, Africa, Australia, out from every land. You're my brother, you're my sister, yeah, you know it's true, when you share the love of Jesus we're one big neighborhood! Together, together!

Brave boy is TERRIFIED of heights. I got him to climb up the big slide (twice) but then he would freeze. The youth were SO sweet to him. He had the MOST fun sliding, he just needs a little help. Ha!

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