Monday, June 3, 2013

A Clean(ish) House, A Runner, and a Celebrity Dinner

I mentioned that James spent two nights with Grandmama and Granddaddy this weekend. Grandmama plans her visits with James around races they can run in and I think I put this particular race on my calendar in last October. So I had a day-and-a-half of just one child (and let's be honest, that's WAY easier than two) and while I wasn't curled up on the couch with a massive headache I was cleaning and organizing and purging forgotten toys. It was marvelous. My house is far from clean and organized, but it was a start at least and James' room looks a thousand times better. I didn't get anything hung and I didn't add his dust ruffle yet (I'm waiting to see if he'll keep the bedrail off of his bed), but the room itself has been cleaned and organized.

My little helper took a four hour nap on Friday afternoon. (This is not at all unusual, but James only takes a 45 minute nap so most days I don't get to take advantage of that four hour stretch!) When he woke up we played for an hour in his room and he was just hysterical. He tried to pull off the one-shoulder look but I convinced him that it just doesn't work for guys.

Eddie picked up dinner for us on Friday night. I'd love to say we took advantage of just having one kid and went out to dinner at a nice(ish) restaurant, but sadly, the one who behaves at restaurants now is the one who was gone. Will has entered the monster-in-public phase of childhood and is the hardest thing in the world to take to dinner. LOUD squeals (happy ones, but LOUD ones - like make your ears bleed ones!), food-throwing, plate-throwing, and just never being happy in a high chair are just a few of the reasons that getting take out is just easier for the moment.

Saturday morning we heard back from the runners. James ran/rode his one-mile fun run and then indulged in two pancakes and some bacon afterwards. He got a t-ball trophy and a medal in one weekend. To say he was thrilled is an understatement!

Eddie and I worked around the house and Eddie worked in the yard all. day. long on Saturday. No rest for the weary here! I still have a ton more to do, but it's a start.

We met Eddie's parents at Cracker Barrel on Saturday night to get James back. We were happy to have our big boy home, but that sleep deprived child was a cranky mess. Whew!

Sunday morning we went to church and Sunday School. {For the first time ever, we had to take James out of church. I'm okay with some whispering and shuffling around in church because he's just three and he's learning but he would not sit still. He wanted to sit on the steps in the balcony, which is fine, but he was getting up and down and being a distraction and when Eddie picked him up he arched his back and started squealing - not fine. Thankfully, he still has four more months that he can hang out in the nursery so he got kicked out of "big church."} We had a minor emergency at Sunday School when James ate a Little Debbie. I think his Sunday School teacher almost had a heart attack. He was absolutely fine, but she came upstairs to get me and I told her what to watch for and where the Epipens were. After church we had lunch across the street with three other families. One family also had two boys, another has a boy and a girl, and the other family has a two boys and a girl but the girls had just left for children's camp. Factor in the daddies and we were a boy-heavy crowd!

Sunday afternoon after naps we headed to Macon to shop for a bit and have dinner with our favorite Food Network star, Ashley. ;) It just happened that her episode aired on Saturday so I teased that we weren't sure where to take a celebrity to dinner. (The answer - at least if you have wild kids with you - is Ingleside Village Pizza.) On our way to Macon we looked up at the sky and realized that we were in trouble. The outdoor mall isn't the best way to spend your afternoon when the weather radar looks like this:

(Nice ad down there at the bottom, huh? Should have cropped that out.)

LOUD rain on the roof of the car!

We wound up getting to Macon right after the storm (we drove through it, though!) and leaving right before the next cell blew through.

Ashley is just the sweetest girl ever. She was one of "our" youth when we lived in Tifton and were counselors and she graduated from high school and moved to Macon for college right before James was born. We're close enough that we've been able to have her over or drive to Macon to take her out for lunch or dinner several times in her four years there. She's starting the next chapter - graduate school - in August and she has the nerve to move about eight hours away! We sure will miss getting together with her!

On the way home from Macon, James entertained us with this gem:

Don't tell me you've never wondered what it would sound like if a cat sang the Doxology.

Our week is SO busy. Actually, the month of June is SO busy. We have swimming lessons every day this week and next and James is excited but apprehensive. He has already told me he doesn't want to float and flip (it's survival swimming where they learn what to do if they fall in the pool - it isn't about technique yet) so we shall see what this day holds. We're headed there in just a bit so I'll be sure to share some of what he's doing later in the week.

Hope your summer is off to a great start!

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