Thursday, April 11, 2013

Take a Walk.

James started walking two days before he was 14 months old. You can read a post about that HERE.

Today is two days before Will turns 14 months.

Imagine my delight {and James'!} when we got Will to walk unassisted for about eight steps this morning! He is certainly not going far, but he thought it was HYSTERICAL and tried it over and over on his own. We would stand him up and tell him to "Walk to the chair!" or "Walk to the table!" or "Walk to James!" and he would do it.

And then he got tired of doing it and flopped to the floor and pitched a fit. That's what the only video I got is of. Whoops!

He's taken one or two steps here and there over the past month. This past weekend he took five steps. He's also been "jumping." It was almost like he wanted his feet to move but couldn't figure out how to make them go so he would jump.

After he's rested up from his nap we'll practice some more! I bet I have another walking king over the weekend!

{I didn't realize that James walked two days before he was 14 months until I pulled that post up to read it. James actually started walking the night before at a friends' house while Eddie and I were out to dinner at a mandatory business function. Stinker! The family who kept him had two teenage daughters and they tried all night to get him to walk.}

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