Wednesday, April 24, 2013

T-Ball by James.

In all seriousness, Eddie is beyond frustrated with James. He's little. He's just three. He's absolutely one of the youngest, if not THE youngest on his team. BUT. He should still obey. And he's definitely not. We're brainstorming ways to get him to pay attention and at the very least just STAND UP. We tried bribery/punishment last weekend and we know that didn't work. Yes, he was punished when he got home. We're wondering if we should be taking immediate action, though. A trip to the restroom for a "chat" or a timeout in the dugout? By the time we figure it out the season will be over for sure.

However, the pictures are too funny not to show and when he's 18 and graduating from high school we'll look at them and laugh. So I'd be silly not to share them. Thus, t-ball...James' way.

1. Do a little practicing before the game starts. Make them think you're actually going to act civilized.

2. While you're waiting, you may as well get a tan. 

3. And make up your own dance. All the ladies will think it's precious.

4. Work on writing your letters. Your mama will be SO impressed.

5. Guard your base. Charge the other team a toll. May as well make some money while you're out here.

(Look at this coach. He definitely thinks James is a nut and is wondering what the heck he should do. Ha!)

6. Be sure to stretch on your way to bat. The crowd thinks this is hysterical.

7. Bribe other kids to play in the dirt so that you're not the only one.

8. Get out your spyglass.

9. Better yet, binoculars.

10. Practice makes perfect on those letters! Show the other team how to spell "L-O-S-E-R-S."

11. Make a break for it. RUNNNNNN! (Sidenote: fastest speed all day was when he was trying to escape.)

12. Impress them with your batting skills again. 

13. Pretend to fall asleep on first base. Seriously. Baseball makes me sleeeepy.

14. Find a buddy to run WITH you. 

15. One more time in the dirt!

16. Sit on third base and pour dirt in runner's cleats.

17. Last time at-bat. Make it count!

18. Walk as slowly as possible from first to second. 

19. Upon reaching second, do some planking.

20. Finally, thank your coaches for being so supportive!

Lord, have mercy. I have no idea what to do with this kid. We're working on pushing the positives and not giving as much attention to the negatives. He is DEFINITELY feeding off all the attention - positive or negative. Eddie may find himself on the field this weekend. This little stinker has thrown us for a loop!

In the meantime, we'll cheer loudly from the sidelines!


Christie Rooks said...

Oh my goodness! This is hilarious! :)

Meggie said...

Bless your heart. I feel your pain. =)I can definitely relate since we went through some of the same things with soccer last fall. The biggest thing we came away with... he may not be ready and it's best not to force it. We definitely aren't going to jump the gun with our second born and organized, team sports. Baseball with my oldest is going MUCH better than soccer did. He's a little older and baseball is his very favorite thing... the combination of those 2 things equals success. Good luck!