Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Herding Cats...

I promised a couple of pictures and an update about t-ball practice and I'm almost completely going to fail you on the pictures. I do have two not-very-good pictures from my iphone because I didn't take the big camera, I chatted with some friends, I had to fill out a form, and then another friend called to talk allergies and I got sucked into that conversation. SO.

James had a GREAT time at practice. He said his favorite part was snacks. Yea! Hahaha! I can't blame him. He got that from me. We're hoping he likes t-ball just as much as the snacks, though.

When we got there they got all the kids lined up and played follow the leader around the bases a few times. It was immediately obvious that 3- and 4-year-old t-ball is going to be HILARIOUS. It was also obvious that James is one of the youngest kids on the team. I guess that shouldn't shock me seeing as he only beat the cut-off by a couple of months.

CHAOS is the only word that can describe accurately what happened at practice. Kids everywhere. Like ants! I enjoyed it because all the daddies were in charge of wrangling and it was fantastic!

After they ran the bases they split them up and let half field (gracious I hope I'm getting the terminology correct or I will hear ALL about it!) and half of them bat. James batted first.

This is his coach asking if James is REALLY left-handed or if he just accidentally stood that way. He laughed about it and made a comment about it being crazy and then the next FOUR kids batted left-handed. Mwahahaha! We're going to take over the world.

He took a couple of swipes at it before he hit it. And then he had NO CLUE what to do. None. Turns out, most of them forgot to run. {It will make Eddie's family giggle a little to hear that Eddie has proclaimed that James takes after Aunt Kelly in the speed department. He's a teensy bit SLOW. I laughed because the kid behind him passed him. Whoops! We'll be working on our speed, I suppose!}

I didn't get to watch much of his turn fielding. I did notice that he is definitely a follower - he would find a kid and mimic exactly what that kid was doing before moving on to someone else.

We call James "chicken wing" because he runs with his elbows bent and his hands right at his chest so that it looks like he is flapping his wings when he goes. And he almost always just does it on one side. I mentioned to Eddie last night that he didn't run with his chicken wings and he said, "I did so!" Funny that he seems to MEAN to do it. I'll try to get video of it because it's hilarious and meant to be shared and remembered forever!

He proclaimed it lots of fun but that snacks were best! And then he had the biggest meltdown in the history of the world because, HORROR OF HORRORS, he had to ride two miles IN MY CAR to Publix instead of in his daddy's. I had to tell him to please stop screaming because he was gagging and it wouldn't be much fun to sit in a throw-up covered seat just because you couldn't stop pitching a fit. Gracious. And then he wanted a balloon at Publix and acted like it had never happened. Preschoolers are weird, yo.

We have our next practice next Monday. In the meantime we need a little work! Namely, RUN after you hit and RUN FASTER. Ha!

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Meggie said...

The similarities are crazy!! It should be a fun season! =)