Thursday, March 28, 2013

Egg Huntin'

If you're not from the South, this probably won't be funny to you but I cannot remember ONE occasion in my life when I hunted Easter eggs in a hat, sweater, and gloves. For James, today was the day.

It was COLD when we arrived at school for some egg huntin'.

If you know Lauren {Train}, you'll be proud and SHOCKED to know that she and I pulled into the school parking lot at the same time! Bravo, ma'am! James was THRILLED that Anne Margaret-y {he heard Lauren call her this and has since only referred to her as Anne Margaret-y} was there to play!

You'll notice that I seemingly have a GIANT child in the next few photos. There are almost exactly 11 months between these two. Anne Margaret is just a teensy little peanut. I think Will weighs almost the same as her.

 Sister was NOT happy that she couldn't go ahead and hunt! We waited about 30 minutes for the fun to begin. And that was TOUGH.

 This little boo would have LOVED it if I'd let him out of the stroller. Stinker wouldn't keep his hat or hood on. A blanket was needed!

And they're off!

After opening a few eggs and having a snack of Capri Sun, Rice Krispy Treats, and Nerds, James was off to play chase with one of his best buddies from class.

I got so tickled to look up and see that James had sauntered up to some little girls he didn't know and joined their game of hide-and-seek. He's really "hiding" here with someone who had done a decent job of disguising herself behind the pole. James totally gave away her hiding place!

Do you think they see me???

One egg hunt down, one to go!

We made it to our church's Maundy Thursday service tonight and James was especially well-behaved and even took Communion for the first time! He wanted to know what Maundy meant, where Cecelia's mama was {in the choir}, and how many songs were left, but those were the biggest "problems" we had. He was pretty thrilled that one of the members of the orchestra played the triangle {is that the real name?!} and then was HIGHLY concerned that I didn't get grape juice because Mrs. Krissy's tray just had two left - one for Daddy, one for James {never fear! she had another tray!}. This sweet thing is slowly getting better at "Big Church." He only looked at one book and didn't pull out Joey at all tonight {although if Joey wasn't a little loud and we hadn't been sitting behind all our church staff - they joined us in the balcony!- I would have!}

Happy Easter, y'all!

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Lauren said...

omg! HA! I am so happy you got some of those pics! I am totally stealing! I think I was so busy not toppling over with the 17 lb chunk that was strapped to my chest and holding her from stealing the eggs that I didnt get a good one. poor girl was so upset - but TOO funny! its just a shame you didnt have a pic of my little man crying to go along with this - before the end of it all I was about to cry too! HA!