Thursday, February 14, 2013

Will is One!

Yesterday was sappy, but today I'll tell you about all the fun we had for Will's birthday!

We had a few things yesterday morning so James and I went to get Will bright and early - around 7:45 - and sang Happy Birthday to him first thing. I have gotten so tickled at him hearing this song. We've sung it so much lately that at the end he squeals, "Yeaaaaa!" and claps his chubby little hands together. Doesn't matter what he's doing! He stops to do that every. single. time. That doesn't get old!

We packed James and his Valentine's up (yesterday was their Valentine's Day party at school) and dropped him off ON TIME. I'm always about five minutes late. Will and I got back in the car, swung through Starbucks (Happy Day, Mom!), and went to Dr. W.'s office for Will's one year well-check.

We waited for.e.ver at the doctor's office yesterday. I arrived a tad early but our appointment was at 10 and it was 10:45 before we saw Dr. W. How are they that behind that early in the morning? Baby Will is a mover and a shaker and did NOT appreciate me not allowing him to crawl on the floor. I told him he'd be allowed to get down when he can walk. He screamed in response. I did learn yesterday that Will knows exactly what to do with my phone. He kept putting it right up to his ear like he was talking on it. So cute!

He got a little finger prick yesterday and it was about the worst part of the experience. Bleeding baby finger + bandaid which baby wants to eat = blood going everywhere! I finally pulled the bandaid off and wrapped his finger in a paper towel and pressed down for a few minutes until it stopped bleeding. That was Will's favorite part of our time there. Not!

He checked out just perfectly. We learned he'd shrunk 3/4 inch since our last visit. Just kidding. They mis-measured him so Dr. W. and I had to re-measure. That was sort of funny, though. I think he was exactly 30 inches. He weighed exactly 22 pounds. I cannot find any record of James' one-year well-check so I don't know what the comparison would be. He's on target and right where he needs to be for 12 months. (Interestingly, while we were waiting I read that only 50% of babies walk by one...Crazy, huh?) Before we left we had to have four shots. When the nurse walked in she told me to put his clothes on and I kind of laughed about it and she said, "Trust me. You'll never get them on afterwards." So funny. She's done this before! He was NOT happy about those shots.

We left and went to Publix to pick up things to make birthday goodies later and then went and picked up Big Brother from school and headed home for lunch. {Will ate CHEESE for lunch! Big day!}

Will took an AWESOME afternoon nap. I let him sleep from 1-5:30. I figured those shots had made him feel yucky and he needed to sleep it off. He was happy as a lark when he woke up!

James picked Mexican for supper (anyone shocked?) so we had birthday dinner there. Will got a teeny bite of cheese dip. Both boys were well-behaved and we enjoyed dinner out!

The boys hopped in the tub when we got home and I quickly made a cookie cake and wrapped Will's gifts. Our little birthday celebration was a bit pitiful but we've had some eventful things happen this week (more on that later...) so I was sort of running like a chicken with my head cut off. The boys LOVE cookie cake, though, so that was a win! And Will got two books about trains and Peter Pan on blu-ray. His BIG gift has been backordered so he'll get that later.

Check out how interested Will was in opening presents:

Will loved us singing {again} and "blowing" out his candle, but he wasn't happy when Eddie took it away to cut it! We sang "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to," so that's why James looks like he's making fun of Will.

After our mini-celebration, the boys were ready for bed! We enjoyed celebrating our big boy! Still can't believe he's really one!

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Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to my little birthday buddy! :) First birthdays make me super and sentimental! Ha! It looks like y'all had a great day!