Tuesday, February 19, 2013


My energy is slowly resuming after this weekend's festivities. Slowly but surely.

So...let's back up, shall we?

Friday afternoon my sweet husband took the afternoon off to help me clean and set up for the party. James had been with us until Thursday evening (remember, he went to Grandmama's and Granddaddy's). So on Friday morning I got started and then Eddie joined in to help. On Friday evening Will and I went out to run some errands and when we got home Eddie had cooked steaks for supper. Mmmm!

I had baked cookies for Will's party favors on Friday afternoon to decorate on Friday night. I was actually a day behind. I intended to bake them on Thursday and decorate on Friday afternoon but I got behind. BAD idea. At about 10pm on Friday night I realized I couldn't find all my piping pieces. Know what happens when you've planned cute piped royal icing cookies and you can't find your piping pieces? That icing you just made won't work. I called/texted Lauren and she got back to me around 11pm. Eddie ran and got her {vintage} piping set and I borrowed it and quickly got the job done. Because it was so late when we got started it took FOR.E.VER. And then our icing messed up. They were not the prettiest cookies I've made. In the morning the train cookies we made (we'd intended to do them red and then pipe blue/yellow/green on them....that didn't happen at 2AM) were pitted messes, but I still bagged them up and sent them home with guests!

Saturday morning we got up and ran around and finished cleaning and decorating. Will napped perfectly for us to get it all finished and I had to wake him up around 2pm so that he'd be awake, fed, and dressed when his adoring fans guests arrived.

After the party was over we crashed. Will was in bed by about 7:45 and James was in bed not too long after that. Poor Will had partied so much that around 11 or 12 he woke up and he and Daddy had to sleep together in the rocking chair until I realized they were up around 3:20 and I rescued Eddie.

We skipped church on Sunday. James had started to complain of not feeling good and had started coughing in the night. We knew they would both be exhausted so we just let them sleep. James seemed to perk up a bit as Sunday went on. We didn't do much except laze around the house. We did go for a lonnnng stroller walk and Will and Eddie ran to the grocery store. James took a THREE HOUR nap on Sunday afternoon.

On Monday morning we got up and went on a super secret special trip! All the way to Monkey Joe's. Ha! We went and met Anne Margaret there to play for a bit. We ran into several other kids that we knew, too! James had a fun time but felt a little yucky.

As the day went on James started feeling worse. He's just sluggish, has a cough, and has complained that his head hurts. We're being diligent about the nebulizer and other asthma meds in hopes that we'll get rid of whatever this is before too long. :/ He got so upset because last night he started coughing until he threw up. It scared him and he was so nervous every time he coughed after that. He's a little pitiful today. I'm HOPING that it's just because of the pollen in Tifton so this is just an allergy/asthma flare up. Hoping.

On Monday afternoon we had Will's FIRST BIRTHDAY PICTURES. I have been looking forward to these for a while!!! We took two trains, a RR crossing sign, his high chair, his wagon, and a few other goodies - oh! another smash cake! - to Mrs. Anna's in-laws house and got some cute pictures! I cannot wait to see them. We didn't do these for James so I've been waiting and waiting on this! James and Eddie were entertained because we were next to a horse farm and there were lots of horses willing to be fed pretzel goldfish and petted on the nose!

Hopefully James will be on the mend soon! We have today and tomorrow of down time (we may run a few errands - to the library and such) and then we're back in the swing of things on Thursday. We're also going to the RODEO one night this week. James hasn't gone to the rodeo since he looked like this:


He has wanted to know ALL about it. What does it look like? What kinds of animals will be there? What will they do? Etc., etc., etc. He's pretty excited!

Here's hoping he feels better by then!

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