Monday, February 4, 2013

Game Night, The Generals Lee, Clapping, and a Date

We had a fun weekend! Both boys seemed well toward the end of last week (although Will has a little bit of a runny nose, seemed grumpy, and tugged at his ear tonight so I believe it's time to be cashing in that antibiotic tomorrow). Eddie was a little bit nervous about going out to dinner because LAST weekend James made a mess so large that we're almost certain the Mexican place doesn't want us to come back anytime soon. I kid...sort of. Anyway, we picked up take-out and promised James a fun night - our first Family Game Night.

{This sweet sugar showed me his blocks while Big Brother was at school on Friday. He's really into the shape sorter right now. But he likes to just put them into the open bucket and dump them back out.}

James LOVES games. He has lots of board games in our coffee table trunk. I LOVE games so clearly I am thrilled about this. I actually thought we might introduce him to Go Fish, but then I decided to try to get the Wii hooked up and running again. I gave it to Eddie when we got married (super-traditional wedding gift, huh?) but we haven't played since James was old enough to walk. We dusted it off on Friday night and James had the MOST fun playing Wii Sports. And then we threw a round of Chutes and Ladders in for good measure.

Saturday was pretty BOR-ING around here. We have plenty to do but it's hard to get a lot done with two busy little helpers. When we woke up we did flip channels to find the Groundhog Day Prediction. We found Punxsutawney Phil's prediction of an early spring, but we were a little disappointed that Georgia's resident groundhog, General Beauregard Lee, predicted six more weeks of winter. James was WAY into Groundhog Day. They talked about it at school on Friday and made a groundhog craft that is beyond precious. He's really been interested which is pretty hilarious to me. I've never thought it was a big deal. (It did make me think of a certain blog friend, though!)

{On the way home from school on Friday he talked and talked about Groundhog Day and what groundhogs do. We were waiting at the bank while I was taught all things groundhogs. And yes, that is a potty in the back. No, we don't use it. I really need to just take it out.}

On Saturday afternoon Eddie took the boys to Publix and called me a few minutes after they left. Apparently, the highlight of the day was about to be MISSED! A local restaurant had THE General Lee (not to be confused with General Beauregard Lee!) AND Roscoe's police car on display? Not sure who those are? You must not have been a young boy (or girl, I guess...?) in the early 80s. {I'm too young to know about The Dukes of Hazzard in their glory days. I got made fun of by some friends in college when the theme song was played at a bar downtown and I didn't know what it was...I have since been schooled in all things Bo and Luke.} I'm pretty sure that this made Eddie's weekend. He went to Publix and hurried home to pick me (and my camera) up to introduce our boys to the Duke boys. (James got confused when Eddie talked about "the Duke boys" because he refers to the Robertson clan of Duck Dynasty as "the duck boys." I can understand!) We went and ooohed and ahhhed at the cars and James enjoyed the bounce house they had. Y'all. I am pretty sure we live in Hickville, USA. This whole paragraph makes me feel like I need claim that we are NOT as redneck as this sounds. James is looking forward to watching the orange car on tv soon (Eddie owns all the seasons on DVD).

Potato soup + more Wii + tv on the couch after the boys went to bed = a nice evening was had by all.

PS - MORE big news from Saturday afternoon is that my almost-one-year-old-babycakes CLAPPED for the first time. Whew! I've been working and working on this milestone and was concerned that he wasn't doing it. James was clapping and signing "more" by now so I was nervous. And I know I'm not supposed to compare them...but I do anyway.

We went to church Sunday morning and then dropped James off for his first day of Sunday School. On our way downstairs he said, "This is going to be amazing." Hahahahaha. It was precious! I am thrilled that he had a fun time and he was thrilled to see a few of his friends that he doesn't usually get to see. I hope his love for Sunday School will continue!

Sunday afternoon Poppy and Cacky came up to play with the boys while Eddie and I went on a date. The sad thing is that we had absolutely NOTHING to do. No good movies to see, no errands that needed to be run! We wound up walking around the bookstore (and I ran into one of my favorite teaching buddies from Tifton!), picking up a few things for Will's birthday party, driving through Starbucks, and shopping at Target. (Sidenote about Target, I bought James two pairs of seersucker pants - a 3T and a 4T for $24 total! Excited for a good deal on church clothes!) 

After we got back home we all loaded up and went to Cracker Barrel ("Cracker Bear") for dinner. Both boys must have been starving! James ate half of a pancake, two pieces of bacon, a biscuit, and a few bites of my dinner and Will ate and ate and ate off of my plate! I'm really, really thankful that Will has been such a good eater so far!

We had a low-key Super Bowl experience this year. We missed the whole first quarter, watched the second quarter with both boys, put them to bed during halftime, and Eddie was asleep for almost all of the fourth quarter. I watched some of the commercials and my favorites were the farmers with Paul Harvey (Ram), the Tide commercial where the wife washes the stained jersey, the "where do babies come from?" commercial, and the sweet baby Clydesdale. I always love the clydesdales!

Gearing up for another busy, fun-filled week!

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