Friday, January 18, 2013

Womp, Womp.

The baby was up all. night. long. last {Wednesday} night. I knew something was REALLY wrong because he'd slept through the night two whole nights in a row. Last night if he wasn't being held {or nursed!} he was crying. He was also running a fever. Womp, womp. Eddie and I tag teamed between the rocker and the bed. I'm not sure either of us slept much. Womp, womp.

James, of course, was bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. Womp, womp. I got up and got him breakfast and then laid on the sofa and slept until Will woke up. {James was fine. He ate and entertained himself by asking me how much longer until Mickey came on. I told him he'd gotten up too early for Mickey.}

When Will woke up it was obvious that he had the "stinkeye," too. Womp, womp. Yea! I put a call in to the doctor's office. They of course told me that they'd be glad to call in eye drops for the pinkeye, but just wanted to be sure he hadn't run a fever. When I admitted that he HAD, they said I had to bring him in. Womp, womp.

We made a 2:20 appointment which was actually a GREAT thing because it gave me time to  get a shower. Usually they ask if I can be there in twenty minutes. I think the staff probably thinks that I live in yoga pants. Ha! {I realize they've likely not noticed.}

When we got there we got Will weighed - 22 pounds, 10 ounces - and then we waited for Dr. W. to join us. Both boys OBVIOUSLY have pinkeye so I was trying to keep them from touching everything. We waited about 30 minutes but it felt like 3 hours.

Pitiful swollen eyes!

This smiling baby is MISERABLE tonight.

This is a better picture of his health. Except I'd probably wiped his nose and the excessive drool he has because he can't breathe out of his nose right now.

Funny side story...When they called us back I walked right in and went back to Room 10. When I got there the nurse asked what was wrong with "William" and as I started to tell her I realized James wasn't with us. I back-tracked and ran into Dr. W. in the hall. He asked what was wrong and said, "Are you looking for James? I didn't see him come back here."I walked back to the waiting room and there he was standing on the other side of the door to the back. Apparently the nurse didn't realize he'd come with me and had just closed the door behind me and he waited for us to come back and find him. Ha! Pitiful thing. He walked on back and said "Hi, Dr. W!" and came on in the room with me!

So when I called about James the other day I told the nurse he had pinkeye. I KNOW that pinkeye goes hand-in-hand with ear infections in kids {lesson of the day...apparently it's seen together about 50% of the time!}, but I KNEW James didn't have an ear infection. Cold? Yes. But he hasn't complained a bit about his ears. When Dr. W. walked in James asked if he'd look in his ears. Dr. W. asked him if they hurt and he said no. Dr. W. told him he'd take a peek in them just to be sure and then started asking about Will. He looked at Will's eyes and immediately declared I was right about pinkeye. Checked Will's ears and BINGO! ear infection. Womp, womp. He sounded fine other than that. I also learned today {what I really already knew} that ear infections are caused by all the "yuck" in kids' heads. I've been trying to tell James that if he'd learn to blow his nose he would stay healthier!

Dr. W. moved onto the other patient in the room who wasn't really supposed to be seen. He looked in his ears and guess what? James has an ear infection, too. Mother of the year here, y'all! One side was infected and the other side waxy. Dr. W. asked me if he'd had trouble hearing this week. Do you want to know what I said? "Well, he's been in timeout a few times {a lot of times} for not listening, but I just assumed it was because he's THREE." Womp, womp.

So we left with eyedrops and oral antibiotics all around!

The fantastic part of the day was when both boys napped in the car and I drove around sipping Starbucks until it was time for my haircut. :)

Will still feels HORRIBLE. Both boys had eye drops tonight and Tylenol. I'll pick up their antibiotics in the morning. We are obviously not going to school tomorrow. Runny noses and runny eyes are frowned upon.

Even more fun is that I'm about 99% sure I have pinkeye, too. Yea! I'm trying to decide whether I'm going to refill James' eye drops prescription for myself or call the pediatrician back tomorrow and beg them to call something in for me. Surely they would, right? Anything would be better than waiting for two hours at the "quick" care place!

Here's to a fun weekend! :)


Lauren said...

Sorry for the sick boys, but I think you look pretty in the pic! ...I was wondering what room yall were in. Wondering if my kids would get pink eye too...we were in room 11 though ;P

Unknown said...

I hope you made it through the weekend, and everyone is feeling much, much better!