Monday, January 14, 2013

Will at ELEVEN months...

Oh my word. This makes my heart hurt! We are counting down the days to this little boy's FIRST birthday! How in the world? It has flown by way, WAY too fast!

At eleven months, Will:

* Is still not consistently sleeping through the night. I'm hoping when we start to wean in a month that this will be easier. He just wakes up and thinks he *needs* to eat. Usually only once a night now. He slept on Saturday night from 9pm-10:30am because he'd been on-the-go all day Saturday with no nap. We just let him sleep and it didn't affect his schedule.

* Speaking of a schedule, he's normally up between 8:30-9 am. We try our hardest to skip a morning nap because it doesn't work for us. He goes down around 1:30 just like James and usually sleeps 2-3 hours. He gets a bath around 7:30 and goes to bed between 8-8:30 every night. His daddy has been making him ROTTEN lately and rocking him to sleep.

* He's still in a size 3 diaper. He'll probably need 4s soon, though.
* He wears 12- or 18-month clothes. He's growing like a weed! James stayed this size for quite a while, though. I'm assuming we won't move up to 24-month or 2T for some time!
* He still takes a pacifier to sleep (and a lot of the other time, as well!). He hasn't been interested in a wubbie so I'd just not used them, but they got washed the other day and he has rubbed that thing all over his face! Maybe he likes it after all?

* He has four teeth - the top front and the bottom front. James had NINE by now! I can see the two upper teeth outside those front ones...what are they called? Canines? Cuspids?
* He's been talking a good bit lately! He can DEFINITELY say, "Da-da," "Ma-ma," "hey," and "bye." He signs "no no!" and shakes his head when he signs it. 

* He's a master waver and will wave at anyone who looks at him. He's STILL not clapping. He can give high fives and loves to give kisses - especially me! He isn't a fan of Eddie's beard and James HATES his kisses so I'm his number one target.
* He can stand all by himself! James never did this before walking. I still don't think he'll be walking before one, though.

* He loves to eat! Puffs, Lil Crunchies, yogurt, all baby food! He's tried steak, sandwich meat, and potatoes lately and did NOT like the potatoes. James doesn't like them either. Crazy kids!

* He is getting busier and busier! We love our "chunky little boy!" as James called him the other day!

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