Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tifton Christmas: Friday and Saturday!

We left for Tifton on Friday night and returned Monday afternoon. We packed a lot into a few days but it was fun and well worth it. We may never travel with Will again (he hates riding in the car and is awake every HOUR at night when we're not home), but the rest was fun! {The problem with traveling "home," of course, is that there is SO MUCH that we feel like we need to do! We are never able to get it all done.}

James "colored" on the iPad on the way to Tifton. I don't usually let him do this {as I surf the net on my phone...what a great mom!} so this was a BIG treat.

Reindeer slippers from Cacky! 

We played a bit, but I think we were all sleepy after supper.

Saturday morning we got started with the first of our Christmases!

One of James' big gifts from Poppy and Cacky was something he didn't even know existed. He watches Choo Choo Mickey on a repeat when he's at their house {we've actually had to designate that it is only to be watched at rest time and before bed...} so Mom got him the Choo Choo Mickey Express!

Will has not a clue what he got! :) He was just happy to roam from person to person. He did get a school bus! He loves to drive the one at Cacky's that we have from when WE were little.

I reminded everyone before we started that if someone allowed me to take their picture, it very well might end up on the blog. They still posed for some!

James' other big gifts were a robe and a sleeping bag.

John and Kayla filled a HUGE stocking with Dollar Store gifts for James. This was one of the biggest hits!

After we finished, we showered and got dressed and went to Grandmama and Granddaddy's for the afternoon.

James tried out Parker's new toy:
This was the first time he went down so they just did it halfway up, but let me assure you that he went from the top after that. This is the kid who we can't get to climb up to the top of the playground a ChickFilA. Crazy kid! He did this over and over and over. That thing FLIES. We had to have someone stop him at the end of the driveway because it would go so far and fast that he would've wound up in the street!

Grandmama got a new Christmas tree train this year! It was fancy!


Caylor and Nancy came by for lunch and played Hungry Hungry Hippos! {and whatever else James wanted to play!}.

Back at Cacky's for supper and playing with more Dollar Store fun! Smurf beard!

More later!

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Lauren said...

Yay for sleeping bags! He is all ready for his camping trip with mr. tomer!