Friday, December 14, 2012

Family Gathering...

My dad's side of the family always gathers for a Christmas meal before Christmas. It's traditionally not been anywhere in particular. :) We've had it at a place we rented in our family's "hometown." We've had it at my aunt's church. We've had it at another aunt's house. This year and last, we've hosted it in our home. I would say that this makes Eddie crazy, but he is so go-with-the-flow that it probably doesn't. He probably doesn't love that it makes ME nuts, though.

Bright and early Sunday morning (in fact, earlier than I THOUGHT it started) our visitors began arriving. If you arrive earlier than the appointed time (which turned out to be earlier than I THOUGHT the appointed time was), you will be entertained by children in various states of dress and a husband who has not yet showered. If this isn't your thing, don't arrive early. Ha! I think my children fully entertained the early arrivals and by the time other people began to get to our house I was dressed and ready.

We had lunch, enjoyed visiting, and laughed about old stories. It was small this year - a few who are usually present were sick - and it ended earlier than it normally does - fussy children tend to run others off - but we had a great time!

** Most of these contain Susana because I stole them from her Instagram feed. Ha! She's pretty cute so I think I'm okay with her being in so many! **


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