Monday, September 10, 2012

Up, Down...

Write it down in the baby book! Another milestone for Mr. Will. (Have I ever mentioned that James often calls him Mr. Will? Our doctor refers to both boys as Mr. James and Mr. Will...I think that's where we picked this up.)

Will learned to sit up at the beach over Labor Day weekend. He's been sitting alone for weeks and weeks and weeks, but this time he pushed himself up into a sitting position from his tummy. But he just did it one time and then forgot he knew how...until this past weekend.

Up, down, up, down.

Little man has figured it out. He is a champion up, down-er. :) It's all kinds of fun...
until he can't fall asleep for the up, down.

He's also army crawling anywhere he wants to go.

My days are numbered and I am in trouble. Here is where two children gets a LOT more exciting. :/ Pray for me.

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Lauren said...

I am for real going to be praying for you...I had a SLIGHT freak out moment on Sunday night when CT3, AM and I went to a friends house to help lower her crib (her hubby is deployed). Well, I was trying to watch her 7 month old and AM and it was a DISASTER. Like I had NO clue what to do, who to follow or which one to let go. I know it will be easier at my own house, with my own kids, etc but I am already freaking out and I havent even had my second yet!!! Good thing you are a half a year ahead of me! It means you get to teach it all to me and then I can bring my kids with you if I cant figure it out, right!? :)