Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our Favorite Things...

'Tis about to be my favorite season! Cooler weather, football games every weekend, pumpkins, apple cider, all the kids are sick...

Wait, what?

Yep. 'Tis the season for illness. Stupid, stupid germs. I mentioned last week that James missed both days of school because he was sick. He's still working on trying to kick his cough. Breathing treatments are the most fun. He hates them, but he is getting better at sitting still and I have been able to leave the room a few times and get things done while he sits and does that for about 10 minutes. {He is not a fan of medicine, bless his heart. Last week he got so worked up about how bad the cough medicine tasted that he threw it all up. That is always a fun experience.}

He's back at school today, spreading germs and getting a few new ones. Meanwhile, I'm at home missing my first day of a new Bible Study because Will decided to follow in brother's footsteps. Yep. Croup. I called the doctor yesterday and they told me to just try to wait it out. He obviously feels yucky, he chokes when he eats, and he coughs on and off throughout the day, but he doesn't have a runny nose or a fever so she said to just see if it would go away on its own. So! Humidifier, eating regularly, feet with Vick's and socks.

Think I might take myself through Panera's drive-thru today and pick up soup just because it sounds like the sick thing to do. :)

SO...because we've been busy coughing our lungs out around here and not taking pictures or doing much that's blog-worthy, I thought I'd share a few things we've been enjoying.

1. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

If you were a child of the 80s or even a parent of children in the 80s, you'll get a kick out of this. The people from The Fred Rogers Company (Mister Rogers!) created a new spin-off from the 80s show based on his characters. Remember Daniel Tiger? The puppet? He's a cartoon character now and he plays with his friends - Prince Wednesday (King Friday's son), Miss Elaina (Lady Elaine's daughter), and Katerina Kittycat (Henrietta Pussycat's daughter). Trolley and Mr. McPheely are also back. I've gotten a kick out of James watching (he LOVES it) and asking why he takes his shoes off and on. Ha! The opening and closing theme songs are remakes and Daniel Tiger takes Mister Roger's place in those. We LOVE it so far. It's brand new!

I got this a few weeks ago and I am SO happy with it. It's the prettiest little box and I think it looks great on my dresser. It's currently housing all of my many, many bracelets.

We got a "big boy" backpack this year for school. His regular diaper bag was a bit teensy and he was in need of a little upgrade. I bought the preschool size first and it was the same size so I went back and bought the small instead. I think {hope} this one will carry us through Pre-K. {Or at least until Will is in 2-year-old preschool so that it can be handed down.} It's pretty big - I packed two outfits {big boy undies at school today}, two extra pairs of undies, three pull-ups, two packs of wipes, and all of his emergency medicines in it today. He did huff and puff and tell me it was heavy. I bet, buddy!

4. Fall smells!

I keep fall smells in our house year-round, but I especially love when I'm able to walk into Bath & Body Works and see all of my favorites out! I bought Apple Cider this year and James is enjoying washing his hands with "apple juice soap." I love anything and everything pumpkin or cinnamon.

5. Clinique Acne Solutions.

Want to know a secret? I've never been to the dermatologist. I've never been great about skincare. I've never had a skincare routine. Annoying? Probably. But guess what happened after Will was born? My skin flipped out. It was out. of. control this summer. I used to have dry skin. Not anymore! So I grabbed the Clinique Acne Solutions starter kit and it has saved me. :) I'll probably switch it up and start using another one of their 3-Step things soon because I've apparently fixed the problem, but I love this stuff!

6. Cooler weather.

No explanation necessary. It was 63* this morning and I wore a cardigan and ballet flats instead of a t-shirt and flip flops. Ahhh.

7. C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve. 

LOVE this. It's my favorite lip gloss/color right now. It's a teensy bit pinkish but very sheer, which I like.

8. Dinosaurs!

This is a wink and a sneak peek to what we'll be hosting at our house in just a few short weeks.

9. Paper Coterie Memory Boxes

I ordered James a new one for the school year and we love it again! They're big and so pretty and well-made!

10. Dawson's Creek.

I can't help it. I've been sucked in all over again. Is it sad that it's making me remember so many things from 9th grade? Eddie was horrified that I was in the 9th grade in 1998 when it came out. {Don't tell him that I might have been in 8th grade when it began!} It's on Netflix and I've started turning it on in the afternoon while the boys sleep and I'm working on birthday party stuff. It is a LOT sillier and more dramatic than I remember. I might've rolled my eyes at it if I'd been over 20 when it first came on.

I have not been contacted by any of the makers of these products. These are simply my own opinions on things that we love.


Bridgett said...

The part about your new skincare regimen made me laugh. Yes, I'm still obsessed. :)

Unknown said...

I love the memory box. I'm going to need one! How is an 18 month old already generating paper art to save?!? Why am I so sentimental?!?

It's funny you mentioned Clinique--I've used the 3 step for years and only deviated this summer. I was still using step 2 & 3, but I added their cleanser back in and, voila! My skin is better!