Monday, August 20, 2012

Riding in Jeeps with Boys...

Way, way, way too many pictures...

Our 6-month pictures for Will were rained out last Tuesday so we rescheduled for Thursday. It was BEAUTIFUL outside and I'm really glad we got them when we did. I used the same outfits for Will that I did for James way back when and we used Eddie's wagon this time as well. THAT little prop will be used again for our Christmas card pics because it was SO cute with James pulling Will. (James wasn't supposed to be IN the pictures but we couldn't keep him out. Mrs. Anna was very sweet to allow that!) I cannot WAIT to see how they turned out and to share them.

On Friday morning Cacky came into town. It had been a while since she'd visited all by herself! We quickly hopped into the car and headed out to pick up 1,000,000 items from my list at Target and Hobby Lobby. Fun milestone for Will (and Mama...because this means easier shopping!)...he rode in the front of the cart! Mom Fail...forgot the cart cover. :) Whoops! Thankfully, he did not lick anything. Maybe he's not following in Brother's footsteps on that. I had to keep the cart cover on for James until about two months ago (not really) because he would NOT keep his tongue off. GROSSSSS.

James wanted to exercise with Cacky so he got them both a ball to use. Ha!

I have been working hard getting James to try on all his clothes to see what fits and what is too small. His closet is SO FULL. I'm not sure I made any progress because what I put away that's too small I filled with 3Ts and 4Ts.

Saturday morning the big boys got up and Will and I slept until TEN O'CLOCK. Amazing. Might've been even better if I hadn't been up 14 times in the middle of the night. These kids that don't sleep are making me age very rapidly. Will is back to an every-two-hours schedule. Awesome.

After I got up Eddie started hanging the drapes in the den. WOOHOOOOO. We got them all pinned last weekend and then just ran out of time. They look GREAT. I still have to steam them, but they look great! And pardon the mess. Eddie's tools were still out and I was also going through toys to get rid of. TOO MUCH STUFF around here.

Hang sconces on either side of the tv and hide the cord and we're done!

I'll share the whole room (complete with before and afters!) very soon.

After the drapes were hung Eddie went out and mowed the grass. I don't know how he doesn't grow weary of doing this what seems like all. the. time in the summer. Yuck. Thank goodness he enjoys it.

Sunday after church I took pictures of my best two-year-old. He was wearing a Jon Jon (someone needs new church clothes!!!) and I thought he looked so sweet. His Jon Jon days are numbered.

Our afternoon was sort of weird. I fed Will, we ate lunch, and then I put Will down for a nap. I climbed in my bed to read (aka, nap) and I assumed Eddie would put James down for a nap. James has learned that his daddy is not as firm as his mama (aka, a sucker). He convinced Eddie to let him rest on the sofa. What a joke. After an hour I went in and made him get in bed. I know that I could've let it go, but a nap is a battle I have learned NOT to just let go. He MUST take a nap or he is a bear at nighttime. Gracious.

I left the boys with Eddie while I went and got a pedicure with Lauren. I think I could do that about every other Sunday and be perfectly happy. Ha! I've only had THREE since my wedding day so I'm obviously not going too often.

When I got home from having my piggies painted I suggested to James that we pull out the jeep for some backyard riding. It felt GREAT outside and there were no gnats (we're just south of that darn gnat line) so we all had fun! James drove, Will rode (just for a minute), and Scout was thoroughly entertained. I'll let the bajillion pictures speak {mostly} for themselves. I went a little momarazzi.

For dinner last night we had fish, mashed potatoes, and green beans. James chowed down on the fish and then asked for "more chicken." Mwahahaha. I told him what it was and he said, "Oh! I like fish!" Yea! (And yes, he'd been tested before we tried fish. Food allergy mama wouldn't have liked it. He's had peanut butter, fish, and shrimp with NO REACTION. YES!)


Lauren said...

love the curtains and cant wait to see it all! AM wants James to take her for a ride!

pcb said...

Those pictures of the two of them riding are adorable. I have to be honest, it made me flash forward a bit to their teenage years!

Amy said...

how cute are all those pictures?!?! i sure hope you have some of them framed. :)
and yay for no reactions to the foods!! that's AWESOME!