Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th!

Typically, the 4th of July is a bit like New Year's Eve for me. Well, maybe any holiday for that matter. I tend to plan out exactly what's going to happen in my head and then I usually have a bit of a let down when the holiday doesn't meet my expectations. I don't think that I'm a whiny person about it. I'm not sure I even ever share that holidays play out that way in my head, but nevertheless, the 4th of July is usually one of those times when I think, "Well, I imagined that going differently!" It's always hotter than I remember or we don't get to do something I'd like to do or we're rushed or whatever. Yesterday, I just threw caution to the wind and didn't think about planning it in my head at all...except that I wanted pictures of two sweet little boys in their red, white, and blue.

Y'all know what happened, right?

I got up bright and early because this was the scene in my room:

Apparently I was not the little one, because I was the first one that fell out. :) They were too sweet to be mad at, though. (For the record, Will is FURIOUS here that I'm taking this picture. He wanted to get up, too...but just to be put into the swing so that he could go back to sleep.) (Also for the record, Eddie is not aware that I took this, much less that it is on the internet. It will be interesting to see if he mentions it. I don't think he ever reads the blog.)

I got up and got going. We had plans to go to Eddie's office for a cookout. Eddie got up not long after I did and then James. Will is the late sleeper in our house.

The big boys left around 10:45 and Will and I left around 11:15. Both boys were looking PRECIOUS in their red, white, and blue so imagine my disappointment when I pulled up and James was standing IN HIS CLOTHES in a baby pool at Eddie's office. IN HIS CLOTHES. Eddie said he just couldn't keep him out and that he'd dragged him away about five times before he just let him get in. I quickly changed him into a bathing suit and sprayed him down with sunscreen (note to self, don't forget the ears!) and just let him go. There were still cute pictures to be taken of Will!

Later, I lifted Will out of his stroller and Eddie said, "What's that on his back?" Yep. After a trip to the car he was looking not quite as cute in a backup red, white, and blue onesie.

Later this week I will fake-it-'til-I-make-it with back up pictures. I'm sure that will go exactly as I have it planned, too.

James had a BALL. There was a sprinkler, a slip-n-slide (which Katie called a swip-n-swide!), a baby pool, and lots of bubbles and water guns. He enjoyed every minute!

Mama! I have a mohawk!

Post-lunch nap.

Our town's fireworks were on MONDAY night at 10:30 PM. Can you believe that??? I was so disappointed A) that they weren't on the 4th and B) that they were so late. We wouldn't have gone anyway (I think someone is a teensy bit scared of them this year) but why in the world would you have them so late???

Last night we went to Old Navy and WalMart. Patriotic, right? :) The most excitement we had was watching the fish in the pet section.

Hope your 4th was everything you expected! Happy Birthday, America!

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Bechtel Family said...

I do the same thing...plan it all out and then get disappointed! Ha! I'm trying to let go more but it's just in me! Happy 4th!;)