Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dr. Daddy

Monday afternoon I sat down at the computer and I was at a loss for what to write. I usually try to blog in advance when I have time, but Monday I had nothing. James was home but we'd stayed at our house (despite James' constant, "Where are we going today???" questions, we don't often go anywhere!) in our jammies and hadn't done a thing.

Oh, but preschoolers never let you down, do they?

I have told y'all all along that James is into everything. While this was a super-huge problem this time last year, he's typically a little safer in his into everything these days and I took it for granted. I've not slacked off on my mama duties, but I have let him play alone a LOT since Will was born. (As much as he'll let me anyway. He is not an independent player.)

Monday afternoon I turned Arthur on at around 5:30 and I laid down on the sofa while James played and watched TV and Will jumped in his jumpy. I was reading my book for our Book Club. All of a sudden, I heard a scream. I looked up and James was coming unglued. I thought he'd pinched his finger so I asked him to come to me. When I asked what was wrong he said, "That thing is in my nose!" Ummm...what? What's in your nose?

Calmly, I put him in my lap and leaned him back so that I could see into his nose. Sure enough, there was a red, plastic something in there. I went to get tweezers and Kleenex and from the time I left to the time I got back he had rubbed his nose and the thing had moved farther up. I tugged on it and he screamed. It wasn't budging for me. I realized somewhere in all of this that he'd been playing with a toy fishing rod. I assumed that he'd gotten the little plastic hook off and stuck it in his nose. I was worried that it was actually hooked inside his nose (on what, I don't know) so I didn't want to hurt him.

I called Eddie and caught him right as he was walking into WalMart. He said he was pretty sure a trip to the after-hours pediatrician was imminent. I got the boys dressed and ready and was getting myself ready to go when Eddie got home. He made James lay down on the bed and he got a flashlight and looked. James was fine when not being looked at but he went into hysterics when we tried to get the thing out. I could just see the doctor having to sedate him to remove the thing.

Eddie got the tweezers and tugged and got it out. Thank you, Dr. Daddy!

Nice, huh? It's a little plastic cap that went on the end of a toy fishing pole that he has.

We had a long conversation with him about why it's important not to put things in our noses, ears, and mouths and then talked about how important it is to keep things like this off of the ground now that Will is a mover and shaker. I'm not sure it sunk in. I'd sort of hoped it scared him enough to not try it again but I guess only time will tell!

My mama sent a text to her friend, Debbie, about the whole mishap because we have said over and over that James is a little Rachel (Debbie's daughter). Debbie reminded us that Eddie LOVED Rachel the first time he met her because she's so cute and tiny and hilarious. :) And now we have our very own mini-boy-version of her. I can't complain too much because when he's not getting into trouble he is making us double over in laughter. The boy is HILARIOUS.

Yesterday was BUSY. We got up and James went to school for the very last time of summer session. It's a little bittersweet because we loved his summer teacher and we love the director so much. New school starts in August!

After I dropped him off I came home and got ready and worked on my Willow House stuff for a bit. Then we went back and picked up Eddie to get James and go vote!

James was THRILLED to be "boting." He had no clue what he was doing. We walked into the courthouse and he whisper-shouted "IS ANYONE HERE?" Of course, the line of people around the corner that we couldn't SEE heard him and there was an uproar of laughter. My little comedian was pleased with that! He "helped" me vote (I LOVED that we took him with us) and when we pushed "cast ballot" he wanted to "play that game again!" He charmed all of the ladies and scored himself four stickers (and then took Eddie's) before we left. I didn't even get one! The women were taken with him and everyone commented on how clearly he speaks. I'm thankful that he's a people person, for sure!

This little booger has started the backward scooting. Yikes. I'm about to be in trouble!

I had book club last night and enjoyed getting out of the house for a bit for that.

Hopefully I won't have blog-worthy material like this again for a while! I prefer that we NOT have stories about things in our noses.

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Amy said...

oh my word! james, james, james!!
my sister was one of those kids...she ate everything and had multiple things removed from her nose and ears. hopefully this was james's one and only time! :)

it is hard to be back in that "watch their every move" Stage. libbi has passed it (for the most part...she still has her moments) but laney is right smack in the middle of it. i'd forgotten how much WORK it is!