Thursday, June 21, 2012


Will has been working hard on trying to roll over. For at least two months he's been trying to sit up. It's like watching someone out of shape (me, for instance) do crunches. It's not quite the right technique and it makes him so frustrated. Then, about two weeks ago he started trying to roll over. We gave him lots of encouragement in hopes that it would continue the normal way. The past few days he has almost rolled over but his big, chubby arm would get in the way and he would roll back onto his back. Then he'd try again. I couldn't help but want to try to push him...but I restrained myself.

Yesterday, we were home all day long with Mister Sickly. James planted himself in my bed, the sofa, or in his bed and I just sort of worked around him in the house. Will has gotten to the stage where he's not quite as tolerant of just being plopped down somewhere and left. He's pretty vocal about what is and is not okay. I'd moved him from his Nap Nanny to the jumpy to the floor. I left James' room and headed to the laundry room and as I was passing Will in the den I noticed he was making his attempt. I was able to capture the whole thing on my iPhone (just pictures). I clapped and clapped for him and then when James woke up I made Will perform for him, too! And then again when Eddie got home.

Trouble is, Will isn't a fan of being on his belly for long. And he hasn't figured out the belly to back roll yet. (It's the easier of the two so it should come pretty quickly now!) Stinker can't help himself now when he's put down - in his crib, on his changing table, on the floor - he makes an attempt. And then he gets irritated that he's in that darn position that he doesn't like! So he cries, I flip him over, and he turns onto his tummy again! Silly boy!

Glad I was able to see!

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Lauren said...

Didnt you just have him yesterday?? Seems fast that he is already rolling!