Friday, May 11, 2012


So...I've been exercising lately. A lot. And while the scale isn't budging (I blame it on the fact that I'm nursing and maybe my body isn't ready to shed some weight yet? Maybe it will at least look and feel better.), I am persevering!

James starts swimming lessons next week in the neighborhood across the street from ours. Perfect. My plan was to throw the boys in the new running stroller (the million dollar ride, as Eddie calls it) and hoof it the 1.1 miles to lessons everyday. THAT way I have to walk 2+ miles 4-5 times per week for 6 weeks. Excellent plan, right? Right.

So we went on a trial run today. Thank the Lord. I drove it in my car yesterday to see what we'd be facing and to just check the mileage. Today's trial was just to see how long it would take us to get there. I put both boys in the stroller and off we went. It's downhill the first half mile and uphill the second half mile so I knew the hills wouldn't hit until we got into the other neighborhood. But that wasn't the problem.

If you know me in-real-life and you know where my house is, you also know that between these two neighborhoods is a highway. It's just a two-lane highway, but it's gotten progressively busier since we've moved here. No problem, I thought. I'll just stick to the turn lanes and then RUN across when there's no one coming. Between 9 and 11 AM the traffic shouldn't have been too bad.


What I hadn't thought about is that between the two turn lanes (one for our neighborhood and one for the neighborhood across the street) runs a creek. There's a bridge so that the highway can cross over the creek. The bridge isn't long - maybe thirty feet - and it didn't look at all bad from the viewing comfort of my car yesterday. But standing in the turn lane with cars flying by your babies is a completely different story. And we had to cross it twice.

I RAN both times and prayed that we wouldn't be hit. I also prayed that any cars that saw me RUN wouldn't be police cars because I do NOT break the rules and while I don't think that was breaking the rules, I could totally see a cop reprimanding me for doing it. It was, as James would say, "Stare-y." Ha!

I do believe we'll drive next week.

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Lauren said...

I totally feel you on this. I tried to walk to church the other week (which is practically right behind our house) and then once I tried to walk to CVS. Both times I felt like I was playing frogger as I crossed Russel and then had to walk in a grassy ditch from turn lane to turn lane...never again with my child in the stroller. I agree with you and James - stare-y! How was BOB!?