Friday, May 18, 2012

Last Day of School.

Thursday was a little bittersweet for us. I'm pretty sure it was one of the best days of James' life, though! James' last day of one-year-old preschool was this week and while we had a little bit of a tough year, he really loved it and will miss going this summer. I'm very excited about two-year-old preschool at a new school in August. It's MUCH closer to our house and is one that he'll be able to stay in until Kindergarten.

My sweet boy and me before I dropped him off.

I dropped him off yesterday morning and headed out to complete his teacher gifts. Will and I ran our errands, I ran home to feed him, and then we went to pick up Daddy and meet Cacky for James' end-of-the-year program. (James requested ON THE WAY TO SCHOOL that Cacky come to watch him sing. She left at 10:30 and made it with time to spare! He was SO surprised and excited that she came!)

His class and the whole school have been working hard on their songs. I videotaped for the grandparents who weren't there. I am certain they all would love to be able to watch James sing for five minutes. :)

Around the 2:15 marker I start laughing. We were sitting behind some of our friends from church and their little boy wouldn't sit. His daddy caught his attention and tried to convince him to do the motions and he whisper-yelled, "Noooo!" I thought it was hilarious. And such a typical boy!

James obviously doesn't mind the motions and the singing.

It ends abruptly. I didn't realize he'd get his award second and I didn't realize he'd be flying down to sit with us. Glad he was near the beginning, though!
I sure wish I had a better comparison for how much this boy has grown! I can't believe how baby-ish he looked at the beginning of the year. He is all little boy now! :(

After a fun morning at school, we headed out to have a celebratory lunch at the Mexican restaurant between school and Eddie's office. Then, we dropped Daddy off and Cacky came to our house to play for a few hours.

James took a pretty good nap and woke up not long before Eddie got home from work. To kick summer off right, we played outside on all of his riding toys for a while. Then he and Daddy "worked" in the garage. James' idea of "work" involved hammering a can of dog food. Mmmm. Eddie was a brave man to let that happen.

Just to round out all the fun, we made S'mores pancakes for supper last night. (Aunt Melly, we know they're terrible...but James had a great time!) Grandmommie had given us a big basket of goodies for Christmas this year and there was a canister of S'mores pancakes in it. They actually weren't bad and James was THRILLED to throw the little marshmallows and chocolate into the batter. (I am going to need medicine to work on my control issues. He was DRIVING. ME. CRAZY. while he was doing this. Also, he now uses the phrase, "You're driving me crazy!" in everyday vocabulary. Mom of the year, right here!)

My handsome helper. :) Outfit courtesy of the Bargeron boys. (Because Will is not on James' seasons he's wearing mostly Bargeron-boy attire AND it's almost all smocked! Woohoo!)

I couldn't fit James in the picture so I told him to lean closer to his pancakes. Hahahaha. This makes me laugh so hard! Cutie!

After all that fun and a not-so-fun shower (he's decided he doesn't like bathing), we laid down and he tossed and turned for a solid hour before he finally fell asleep. I think all of the fun had him wound up! Sweet thing!

Today, being the first day of summer, has brought even MORE fun. Can't wait to share it on Monday!

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Bridgett said...

Fischer was 24.6 lbs and 33 inches at the beginning of this school year and 27 lbs and 37 inches at the end... I've got to start feeding my baby! :)