Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lazy Days

I didn't mean to skip posting our Weekend Update yesterday, but we are BUSY this week. We have school, of course, but we are also gone in the afternoons for a thing at church, and then we have our usual naps, run errands, feed children every ten minutes. :) Bear with me!

We had a fun stay-at-home-and-do-nothing weekend here! I wrote last week about how James and I had a little bit of a hard time. Friday was more of the same, really. He got up really early on Friday morning (I am NOT a morning person) and I was just exhausted by the end of the day. Eddie swung by our favorite Mexican restaurant and brought supper home for us so we could "have a picnic in the den" as James calls it when we eat supper and watch tv. :)

Saturday morning I slept in (James was up WAY too early again). By the time Will and I got up at nine the big boys had already had breakfast and played Hi Ho Cherry-o! Ha! Saturday we spent the entire day at home with nothing on the agenda and it was SO nice. We picked up around the house a bit and Eddie did work in the yard for just a minute, but it was nice to just walk out in the backyard and sit and blow bubbles or do whatever we wanted to do! No other priorities!

We went out to eat on Saturday night to Longhorn. James has been a restaurant challenge lately, too. He just has so. much. energy. I dropped Will and Eddie off to wait and James and I went to Hobby Lobby so that he could be restrained in a cart and kept moving. Ha! He loves to go "shopping" so that's what we did. Eddie called when he was seated and we hurried back. James behaved as much as any 2.5 year old, probably. He bounced from coloring to eating bread to singing to talking to coloring to watching Netflix on my phone to throwing crayons, etc. etc. Ha! So. much. energy.

Yesterday we went to church and Sunday School. We had a visiting preacher whose message, to me, is always a blessing.

After church James, Will, and I took naps and Eddie worked on a closet reorganization project that had been put off for a while. Our master closet is TINY and I take up most of it. Before kids, Eddie used our guest bedroom's closet for his out-of-season clothes and would just rotate back and forth. Since we have three bedrooms and two kiddos, he's lost his closet space now. :) His clothes have just been sitting in our room with nowhere to go so he went through them yesterday and pulled things to donate and things to store in tubs like I do. I need to go through all of my clothes, too, and do the same thing! Since I haven't worn "real" clothes in almost a year I don't really know what I have. (And by "real" clothes I mean my normal size clothes. I WILL get back in them!!!)

The big boys ran to the grocery store last night and we had another picnic in the den for supper.

It was such a nice weekend not to have anywhere to go or anything to do! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

A few random pictures:

I *think* this was Friday morning.

Yesterday, James pitched a fit around 11am. I sent him to his room and told him he could come out when he calmed down. This is how I found him 15 minutes later.

It's almost May and this is what James wore to play outside yesterday. Ha! Mickey wants to know where Spring is! (And yes, I'm aware that it will be almost 90* here on Friday!)

The boys took their first "bath" together last night. James had the BEST time. Will just sat back and took it all in! After Daddy bathed Will, I took him out so that James could take a real bath.

And here's Will in Eddie's baby gown. It's from 1977 and I used the 1977 function on Instagram! Ha! Eddie didn't think it was funny, but I thought it was pretty clever!

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Casey said...

i can totally relate, lauren. drew went through a stage right after olivia was born and i felt like constantly asking, "who is this kid?" he is starting to settle down more, but he is still a handful. he makes the baby seem so easy and makes me wonder why i ever stressed about the baby stages the first go-round. of course one minute he is a wild man and the next he says something precious or hilarious, so i'm constantly on an emotional roller coaster. praying for you, friend! your babies are beautiful!