Monday, April 16, 2012

Cleaning and Christening!

Because I think he's SO handsome, a picture from Will's two month well-check on Thursday that I forgot to post...

Our weekend FLEW by. I just had to ask Eddie what we did on Friday because it seems so long ago! (We grilled hamburgers and stayed home...not exciting at all!)

Saturday the day was spent around the house. I had a mountain of laundry to be put away and floors to be mopped so I worked on that while someone *ahem* did NOT nap. Stinker. It's so hard to get things done with my helper awake but he hates napping on the weekends while Eddie is home. Eddie got some yardwork done. Poor fella doesn't have enough hours in the day to do more than mow our grass. I'm sure our neighbors love our landscaping.

Saturday evening YaYa came down from Atlanta to spend the night. She entertained James for a bit while we got ready and then we all went out to eat at Outback. Great meal, wild toddler. Ha!

James was done by the time we got home so he got a bath and went to bed. Eddie ironed...and ironed...and ironed for church on Sunday. Sunday was the BIG part of the weekend and Eddie ironed a shirt for himself, my dress, James' outfit, and three things for Will. Ha! Poor man! I'm so thankful for him!

Sunday we joined our church AND had Will Christened. We've been attending our church for three years now, so we thought it might be time to make it official! Ha! I requested that we do it all at once because I am NOT a fan of standing in front of a crowd. Thankfully, they complied.

This is Will's Christening gown...pre-iron. James wore it, did Eddie's grandfather who would be 90 years old this year. I soaked it with OxiClean with James but after hanging in the closet for two years it was yellow again. I soaked it again for five hours and then washed it in a pillow case. There were a few spots on it and there's on tear, but it's in REALLY good shape for its age!

The whole family was in attendance but sadly I hardly got any decent photos. I think it would be in my best interest to purchase or ask Santa for a new point-and-shoot instead of having to rely on people to learn my big clunker of a camera on a whim. It's not easy to use and photos come out blurry. I'm depending on a few family members to send me good pictures for Will's photo album.

We had a wonderful day. We were accepted as new members, Will was "sprinkled," and we celebrated over lunch across the street at a great restaurant.

Anna wasn't grumpy...I think she just didn't realize I was taking her picture. But I liked it anyway.

There was a festival going on downtown when we finished lunch. James and YaYa paid $2 for 3 slides. Look at their faces! Ha!

Sunday afternoon was spent lounging and lounging and lounging. We all took pretty great naps and then the big boys went to Publix to buy groceries for the week. After breakfast for supper and catching up on a little television and reading, we're ready for another fun week!

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