Monday, March 26, 2012

The View from Here...

We have been busy little bees around here. I feel like I keep saying, "This week isn't quite as busy..." and then we have something going on EVERY day! Let's back all the way up to Wednesday!

The boys and I had a lazy day at home. I had lots to do and didn't do a bit of it. I thought I might take both of them to Publix by myself for the first time and then I chickened out. My big concern is this - WHERE do I put my groceries when I have both of them with me? (I realize this is the silliest thing...) I am not a fan of putting Will's seat on the handlebars of the buggy because of the baby that died from falling off in Macon last year. Just gives me the heeby-jeebies so if I can avoid that, I do. (We DID go as a family to Publix on Wednesday night and Will's seat fit in the big part with James in the seat BUT I got about four things. :\ For a little while, at least, I may be shopping when I have a little help.)

When Daddy got home from work he chose Olive Garden as his birthday dinner restaurant, so off we went! About five minutes in we looked at each other and said, "Why didn't we get a babysitter?" James was good, but I'm not sure he stopped talking the. whole. time. Ha! He sang, he talked, he sang, he colored, he sang, etc. Whew! How he doesn't just crash at the end of the day is beyond me! Dinner was good...just busy!

The waiter got SO tickled at James. He'd come up to the table and say, "What can I get y'all to drink?" (He probably didn't say "y'all"...he said he was from New Jersey.) And James answered, "Ummm...water." He came back later and James said, "Umm...I need some spaghetti." (He prefaces anything that he thinks is important or something that he's taken time to think about by saying "Ummm..." and kind of looking off into space. He's a laugh a minute!)

My plan had been for James and I to go to Publix on Thursday after dinner and make brownies before bed. Because OG was as slow as CHRISTMAS, we weren't able to make them on we saved it for after school on Thursday!

I left him stirring by himself for TWO seconds and when I came back I heard him saying, "Mmmm!" He hasn't died of food poisoning yet, but I am a crazy raw-food/old-food NUT and I was worried! is next to IMPOSSIBLE to find box dessert foods that don't say "may contain..." If you're an allergy mama, tell me where you find allergen free foods! The only box I could find was Duncan Hines (I think...). It was TOUGH. There aren't any chocolate chips that don't have that warning. I need an allergen-free bakery website, I guess.

Think someone enjoyed his dinner? He had to walk straight to the tub with his hands in the air!

On Friday my Aunt Susie and my sweet baby cousin, Susana, stopped by to meet Will and play with James. Someone *ahem* showed off and got out every toy that he owns. He LOVES having them visit.

I was a little lazy...this is Friday's only picture! Oh well...

I tried Will in the Bumbo late Friday night but he was tired and hungry, so I tried again on Saturday. Safe to say that he LOVES it...even if he is a little small. Mister Man can hold his head up SO well, though, that we may continue to use it. He is WAY stronger than James was at this point...and I thought James was pretty good! (He held it up, but his bobbled a lot...Will's doesn't bobble at all!)

On Saturday we went to the lake to celebrate Eddie's birthday with his family. James, the master fisherman, immediately ran out to the dock to fish and within about three seconds (seriously!) had caught the first of two catfish of the day! He loves to fish but he is NOT a fan of the fish themselves. Worms, sure! Fish, no way, Jose! They are, "STARE-Y!" (scary)


Mr. Tommy's sisters were driving through and stopped to visit. Aunt Sue is on the left holding James and Aunt Nanie is on the right holding Will! Haley stopped by as well, but I didn't get her picture with Will.

Sunday morning the big boys went to church without us one last time. Will and I are going to go next Sunday. :) After church my friend-since-elementary-school-turned-college-roommate, Mary Beth, and her family stopped by. I did not get ONE picture and that makes me so sad! James and Sarah Beth (she'll be 2 in July) just started to warm up to each other when it was time to go. Next time we'll have to play longer!

As soon as they left to head home, I fed Will and we had a diaper change and jumped in the car again. My sweet friend, Meredith, saw my question about strollers on here last week and emailed to say that she had one that she'd like to get rid of. It's a Sit 'N Stand so my biggest concern, of course, was whether or not James would stay on it. He's still too little to be on and off. Eddie suggested we drive up and borrow it to do a little shopping and test drive it. When we got to the mall we realized it has a little seat and a seatbelt to go around his waist. I was pretty much sold after that! So we have our new stroller that will be easy to maneuver while shopping (although it feels a little like driving a bus after you've been driving a teeny little compact car!). James loved it and will love the opportunity to hop on and off if we take it to places where he really is able to do that. Thanks, Meredith! I'm thrilled not to have to depend on someone else to go with me!

Sunday evening was spent playing outside and discussing what we should have for dinner. Are y'all like that on Sundays? No one is really all that hungry and no one knows what they want around here! :)

Another busy week full of Easter egg hunts! Very egg-citing! Ha! (My sister is rolling her eyes at that one...)


pcb said...

That picture of James sitting in the chair with his fishing pole is definitely needs to show up when he gets married! Adorable and a classic.

Lauren said...

he caught that fish all by himself!?! way to go James!!

Bechtel Family said...

Y'all have been busy bees! So glad the stroller works and James likes it! I tried grocery shopping with both kids when Lillie was in the carry and had to give up and go alot at night or with just one! There is no room in buggy when it's full of kiddos!;)

Anna Catherine said...

Haha! You guys are busy! No wonder we haven't seen you in a bajillion years! Lance wanted to visit the boys yesterday but I knew the Guests we're going! Will we se you this weekend?

Ps Erin tools me just today that she wanted to have a margarita themed easter egg hunt! Haha! Can't grown ups without kids still enjoy the holidays?

Amy said...

that is not a silly concern AT ALL! That was my biggest worry about taking two to the store. i would put laney in the big part of the buggy and libbi up front. but only when i was just running in to get a few things. i couldn't fit all my "big trip" items in there with both girls like that. there were many times that laney rode with a loaf of bread tucked in her carrier :)
then there's always the dilemma of which buggies fit the carrier (kroger/publix) and which don't (hob lob - boo!)
it gets easier (kind of) once they can ride up front, but then that leaves me with what to do with libbi....hmmmm. :)