Monday, March 12, 2012

A Bottle, a Picnic, a Meltdown, and a Beautiful Day!

Friday night we stayed home, but I promised James that he could help feed Will his first bottle. I'm nursing and we don't do formula at all, but I do like to leave for more then 2.5-3 hours on occasion so I try to stockpile milk in the freezer for those times. However, I wanted to make sure Mr. Will would actually take a bottle. Well, just like his brother he acted like it was nothing new! :) (James NEVER took formula...not for my lack of trying but because he could taste it even if it was mixed with breast milk. Craziest thing! However, we made it to 13 months of nursing because of his stubbornness!) James loved helping feed Will...for the first few minutes and then he lost interest!

Blast from the past...the picture above is James at one month!

On Saturday Eddie had rehearsal from 10-3. After James' nap, I decided to load both boys into the car (in their jammies...I'm not superwoman) and drive through Chick-fil-A to pick up lunch. We had a "car picnic" which really just means that James was contained so that we could eat without too many meltdowns.

Saturday afternoon I was able to convince James to take a second nap after we watched The Fox and the Hound. This sweet little booger fell asleep after he ate with his precious hands underneath his cheek. :)

And later in his swing he figured out how to get his finger into his mouth. He'd get rid of all pacifiers if he could figure out how to get those fingers in and keep them there!

I won't say much about Saturday night except that it involved a meltdown of my own (not one of my finer moments) and a missed wedding. Mom and Sonny had come up to babysit so we went with them to dinner instead. :) I'm happy to say that my meltdown (which involved a wardrobe that doesn't fit) didn't last long...just long enough not to be able to get out the door in time to get a seat at the wedding before the bride arrived. *Sigh*

Sunday we seemed to get ourselves back together. After church for the bigger boys, lunch, and a nap, we went for a walk, played in the driveway, and played in the backyard. The weather was PERFECT today but the stupid POLLEN that is making me miserable!

I'm not sure a picture has ever looked less like James, but here is documented proof of our first walk around the neighborhood with Will anyway. :)

Bad mouth daylight savings time all you want...but this was the sky at 5:30!!! Woohoo!!!

James can play tee-ball NEXT YEAR. Does that blow anyone else's mind? Pretty sure we won't be signing up, but just the idea that he CAN is crazy to me. (Our area is BIG into baseball. Our Little League is phenomenal and people start 'em out young here!)

Busy, busy, BUSY week ahead for us. I'm not sure we've had this much on our calendar in a long time. Thankfully, things *might* slow down a bit after next weekend!

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