Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Update: Big Brother Edition!

We had another great weekend!

I need to back up to Thursday to share the CUTEST pictures. Thursday, Lauren and I went to a party at a friend's house. Lauren's husband had a soccer game so Eddie, my knight in shining armour, volunteered to keep BOTH littles for us AT BEDTIME. Poor man. We left at 7:30 and didn't get back until 9:30. Bless his sweet heart. He said they were excellent. Anyway, all that to say that James ate dinner way before us on Thursday night so that he'd be fed by the time that AM arrived. I snapped this sweet, sweet picture of him that was totally unprompted. We say the blessing every night at supper, but he's started saying it on his own some as well!

Then Eddie snapped this picture on his phone of James and AM snuggling. Sweet babies.

Friday afternoon Cacky and Anna stopped by for a little over an hour to play. I didn't feel great so I didn't get out and about with them, but James had the most fun playing with Anna.

We didn't do anything fun or fancy on Friday night. In fact, Eddie was asleep in James' bed by 8:45. My only excitement was picking up and watching Sweet Home Alabama on CMT. :)

Saturday was FUN. We had a Big Brother Day! We told James how exciting it was going to be a big brother and really tried to make the day all about him. Aside from a horrible naptime meltdown late in the afternoon, we had a really fun day! We took him to a local aquarium that has lots of information about our state and the fish found in it. It was lots of fun!

On Sunday morning, I sent the boys to church without me. I got a good bit of "nesting" done around the house before they got home. In fact, it was pretty much all I got done yesterday. The rest of the afternoon was spent lazing around. James and Eddie spent some time playing in the backyard and then James ASKED to get down from his chair at lunch to go and take a nap. (More on that later...) Eddie and I watched a little television and I was just lazy.

We had some friends over last night for the Superbowl and I took not one picture. I blame the fact that I was having some contractions and just sort of felt yucky. We had a good time, although the halftime show and the commercials (all that I care about) were lacking in a BIG way this year. Just my opinion, though. I guess if you actually watch for the football game, it was good to see it come that close at the end. :)

Unfortunately, this post is earlier than usual going up because as of 8:20 I have already given a child a bath AND cleaned a bathroom. Awesome. Someone is having some tummy troubles this morning. He's drinking some gatorade and he's had a Pepto Bismal in hopes that we're past it, but who knows. Please, please, please pray with me that he'll be well when this baby decides to come into the world. He is SO excited to meet him and I want him to be the first "visitor" that we have. I know that if he's sick they won't let him. In addition to an upset stomach he has a cough this morning that sounds, unfortunately, a lot like croup. *Sigh* I know that if this baby waits until we're all well and the house is clean that he'll be waiting forever, but I want James to be able to go to the hospital! (And yes, I'm aware that I can't keep the germs away from him once he's home but I also know that the nurses at the hospital CAN keep the germs away from him.) Just pray that we'll be over this quickly, please. :)

Other than the sickness this morning, we had a great weekend! Wonder if it's the last with just the three of us???

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