Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Last Week As Three...

This has been a much different week than I pictured it. With James being so, so sick this week (and now Eddie being sick as well) things have not been nearly as busy and fun as they could have been. house has been clean{ish}, I've gotten some things wrapped up, James has rested {a LOT} and we've just had a quiet week.

Here's how it's looked from here:

(This was in James' Easter basket at some point but he was really too little to play with it so I put it aside. He has thoroughly enjoyed watching the lizard hatch this week. I think Dollar Store toys like this will be FUN for Easter this year!)

We've been a pitiful bunch, but I've gotten a good bit done while James has taken some AWESOME naps. I got one last haircut yesterday (I assume it'll be right before Easter before I get another!) and I think we're pretty much ready for a baby! As ready as one can be anyway!

Three years ago TODAY (maybe at this exact time, actually!) I found out that we were having our first baby and called Eddie at work to tell him (in what was a very nervous sounding voice, probably!) that he needed to come home from work as soon as he could! I thought it would be funny if we had another baby today but so far it's not looking promising. No big action today at all. Just lots of lounging around, folding clothes, and trying to clear off the DVR. (There's never any catching up on the DVR!)

I'll keep you posted on here as things happen! Will my next post be THE post introducing you to our newest little man? Maybe so!

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