Saturday, February 18, 2012

February 16, 2012

Our first night home was FANTASTIC. Will slept for the most part and when he needed his paci or wanted to eat he only grunted or made small cries - nothing at all like his brother! I slept well, for the most part!

Thursday morning Eddie decided to drop James at school and work while he was there. James' school is about 15 minutes from our house but only about 5 minutes (or less) from Eddie's office. Having both boys gone left me, Mom, and Will at the house and it was quiet! I didn't do much more than take a bath AND a shower and wash a load of laundry.

Will and I did have a little impromptu photo shoot, though!

And James got his Valentine's bucket once we got home from the hospital on the 15th, but I forgot to share. He LOVES the Etch-a-Sketch!

After the boys got home from school I took at lonnnng nap and James took a lonnnng nap. Eddie had to run an errand to see about getting our gas logs installed (since we've needed them so badly this year - ha!) and Mom cooked supper for us!

Not much else from Thursday!

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