Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baby Brother...38 Weeks

I cannot believe I'm posting the above picture. My hair and makeup...whoa. It was taken at the end of the day today, after I'd been to the doctor and hospital (just to register) and then laid on the sofa the remainder of the afternoon. I feel bad, I hurt, and I look terrible...but LOOK HOW BIG THAT BABY IS! Whoa. Someone has grown.

I saw my for-real doctor at my appointment today. She checked me and I have made lots of progress in the past two, WAY more progress than I ever made with James on my own. She said that she can't make a guess about when he'll actually be born, but things are looking promising. We did schedule an induction should I make it a bit longer. In my gut, I doubt I'll make it to my induction. I really have felt all along that I wouldn't make it to 40 weeks and after today's visit, coupled with lots of contractions lately, and feeling so yucky all day today, I really am feeling like we'll be having a Groundhog baby or a Super Bowl baby over a Valentine's baby. But I could be completely wrong!

After my appointment, I went to the hospital to pre-register so that some of my paperwork would be taken care of ahead of time. (I've been told to get myself to the hospital asap should I go into labor...probably not much sitting around and waiting this time around!) We mentioned to a nurse in the elevator that I had an induction date and then told her about my check up and she said, "Oh, we'll see you before your induction then!" Ha! Makes me a little nervous to think that I may not have a "planned" delivery, but I have a lot of my to-do list done, and honestly I guess it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things anyway. So we'll see!

Size of the Baby: The size of a pumpkin! Yes! I can tell! He’s probably 18.9 to 20.9 inches and weight about 6.2 to 9.2 pounds. Obviously, this just varies baby-to-baby now! James was 8.2.

Total Weight Loss/Gain: +12 pounds. I ate and ate and ate this week. I was STARVING.

Maternity Clothes: I’m reaching the time we’re I’m outgrowing my maternity clothes. The mediums are too short, the larges are all too baggy. I just wear yoga pants at home anyway, though.

Gender: Another boy!

Movement: Yes! He’s running out of room so no more jabs, kicks, and punches, but he’s still rolling all around. He’s still trying to push and stretch. Little legs must be getting cramped. He still has a party from 10-12 every night. Sometimes it lasts even longer. We are going to have fun working that out when he gets here. James almost always starts waking up around 1:30 so by the time I fall asleep from the party in my tummy, someone else is screaming. Fortunately, Eddie is AWESOME about getting up with James (mostly because James wants nothing to do with me in the middle of the night), so I've been able to wake up and go right back to sleep.

Cravings: I don’t have any real cravings. I’ve wanted lots and lots and lots of water lately. Diet Coke tastes bad most of the time, but I like anything that’s a clear soda – Sprite, etc. Fresca! Sugar, sugar, sugar. Fortunately, eating all of this sugar, sugar, sugar hasn’t made me feel too bad. Lots of Crystal Light. :)

Symptoms: Contractions over the weekend. Just VERY uncomfortable lately. I suddenly feel very big. Some nausea, but not too much. Lots of pressure at the top of my tummy lately, too. I don't know if maybe he's dropped and because all the weight is now down that the bottom my poor upper stomach muscles (ha!) are being stretched, or what. At Monkey Joe's on Sunday I walked around feeling like I needed to carry my tummy. Not painful, just uncomfortable!

Sleep: SO hard to fall asleep these days. I toss and turn (which isn’t easy) and huff and puff until I finally wear myself out. I’m usually up until 1 or 2 AM. No fun.

What I Miss: Bending over without hurting myself. Tying my shoes on top instead of the side (HA!). Confession: Eddie’s been tying them for me when he’s home. If James could tie, I’d enlist his help as well! Breathing normally.

Best Moment This Week: Baby shower!


Anna Catherine said...

Whoa Baby! He's gotten huge! I guess I haven't seen you in a few weeks! On the plus side, you definitely don't have pregnancy face and your legs and arms are small! You are all tummy my friend!

Lauren said...

I agree with Anna Catherine. You are all baby! Your face, legs and every other part of you looks skinny minny!!!

Maria said...

You look great! I just found your blog so congratulations on having another boy, your family is precious!