Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Update...

Still here, still with child! :)

A video from Friday morning:

Friday afternoon was long. Lonnnng. Someone in this house was bored and didn't want to cooperate with his mama. My pregnant self was worn out and upset and James knew it. Poor thing told his daddy, "Mama uptet!" when he came home. He's sweet...most of the time.

Because I was exhausted from just the toddler-mama struggle, we stayed home on Friday night. I can't even really remember what we did. That's pretty sad. I do know that when Eddie put James to bed he told him that his tummy hurt and that he needed a towel (I give him a towel and a bowl when he has a throw-up sickness). Of course, when Eddie told ME that he'd said that, I panicked. I just knew he was going to get sick and I started feeling nauseated and thought that maybe we all had a bug and just didn't realize it. I'm nothing if not a rational human being. :)

Around midnight, James woke up and I rushed in there expecting the worst. Fortunately, this wasn't a throw-up weekend, but it was the weekend from Night Terror You-Know-Where. The child has had at least 20 wake-up episodes from night terrors in the past week. It is exhausting for everyone involved. I put him in bed with us on Friday night (I know...horrible...but when he has one, he has them all night and it's hard for me to roll over in the bed and waddle in there to get him...and he just sounds so darn pitiful!) and realized that he was warm.

So...I spent the next hour and a half taking his temperature every 15 minutes while he and Eddie snoozed. It only ever got up to 99.8, but I was worried that it was going to be another round of illness for us. And THEN, I started having contractions. So, to recap, a throw-up scare, night terrors, fever, contractions...and my mama went to the beach this weekend and she was worried about being 5 hours away instead of 1.5. Friday had to be "the" night, right?

Fortunately, it wasn't! (I am driving Eddie with my worst-case-scenario possibilities. For instance, a child in the nursery threw up yesterday so now I think we'll all wait until we have a stomach virus and then I'll go into labor. Driving. Eddie. crazy.)

Saturday was a fun day! I woke up with a start at 9 o'clock when someone knocked on my bedroom door. I got up, wondering why the door would be locked, and it wasn't! No one was there. I looked all around the house and Eddie and James were no where to be found! I was a little concerned that the rapture had taken place and I'd been left behind! :) I finally called Eddie and he said he was at Publix. So...what of that knock? Then, it occurred to me that initially I'd thought it was a knock on my window but at the time that didn't make sense! I'm convinced now that someone DID knock on the window...weird and spooky. Just glad it was during broad daylight instead of at night! (And I definitely know that this weekend I'm coming off as a crazy person. I'm still blaming the pregnancy!)

After I got up and we all got showered and dressed, we headed out in search of church shoes for James. Eddie thinks that James has expired the little-white-shoes time limit and that he needs a new pair of real little boy church shoes. He does need something that will go with khakis and cords, so off we went. When we got to the recommended shoe store (20 minutes away), it was going out of business! There was NOTHING there. Ha!

We headed back toward our house and ran a few errands. Then, I got the bright idea (at 1:30) to go out to lunch. I should've never said it out loud because once James heard that, he wouldn't let go of it. We wound up eating at Buffalo Wild Wings again and I'm sad to say that it might be our last time for a while. Our waitress was sweet but it was SLOW and there was a major lack of communication between the servers, the kitchen, and the management. There were some very angry people sitting nearby us. AND when we got our check we learned that the people next to us had already accidentally paid ours which left theirs with us. The waitress didn't want to tell her managers about it and she insisted that the totals were very close. Oh well. Lesson learned on that place!

Saturday night a few friends got together to give us a diapers and wipes shower. It was SO much fun to get together with everyone. We had the shower at a Mexican restaurant nearby so I had to keep the list teensy, but we had a great time! Our nursery is stocked with diapers sized 1-3 and a TON of wipes and other little goodies. It was so fun! James had the best time walking around the table and talking to everyone. I'm pretty sure he sat with almost every family that was there and soaked up the attention! He is his daddy's child with that outgoing personality!

Please note the icing smeared across James' face in this picture. He LOVED the cupcakes Mrs. Lauren made. He told me he had, "one, two, pree, fo-wah, pive!" of them.

All of our goodies!

James demonstrating Baby Brother's new paci. :)

After church yesterday, I went with Lauren to get a manicure and pedicure. It was SO nice. If I'm still pregnant in two weeks I am going back! (And maybe even if I'm not I'll go back...but probably not, realistically!) It was fun to get out of the house and sit and talk to her and get pretty painted nails.

James was THRILLED with our plans last night. We'd signed up to go with our church's children's department to Monkey Joe's. James hadn't ever been before, but I guess the name sounded awesome because it was all he talked about all weekend. "After chuch...I take nap...go MONTEY DOE'S!" It took him a few minutes to warm up...especially after an incident of getting lost/stuck inside one of the inflatables (a friend's little girl was with him but I don't think she was strong enough to help him get out)...but he had a fun time. He finally convinced Eddie to take his shoes off and go with him. I'm not sure Eddie was technically allowed on the things, but he did stick to the slides and not the jumpies. :) We laughed and laughed at him because he was like the Pied Piper on the big slide. There could be NO ONE around and Eddie would start up the ladder with James and Mary Charles and suddenly there would be fifteen kids behind him. Ha! I think they BOTH had a fun time.

Aside from the lack of sleep, we had a GREAT weekend. I'm hoping to get a few more things done today and tomorrow before my 38-week doctor's appointment. My due date is two weeks from tomorrow so we'll see how much I can get done between now and Valentine's Day! I have a lonnnng list, but most of the things should be easy to get done (or get someone else to do!). Hope everyone's weekend was wonderful!

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