Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Few Goals for 2012...

Because we're expecting Baby Brother sometime in the next six weeks, I feel like my ultimate goal should be to survive the year with two children two and under. Just survive! And maybe take a shower a few times a week. Ha! Other bloggers have been really big on their word for the year so I guess I'll join the crowd and say my word is survive. But I also feel like I should have a few bigger goals.

Obviously, I'm still working on my 101 in 1001. This entire year will fall under those 1001 days. I think it ends sometime during the summer of 2013. So I'll be working on all of those.

Eddie and I have decided to make some eating and exercising changes in March (giving myself a few weeks to recover and get out of the first few weeks of what Eddie calls the "Baby Haze"). I'd like to lose some baby, baby weight. :) And we'd probably be less tired and feel better if we actually quit eating so much junk and exercised a good bit more than we do now. I don't need to lose weight so much as tone up what weight I'm carrying around. 10-15 pounds of weight loss would be nice, but won't look good if that's all I do. I'm going to work on getting back into Couch to 5K and The Shred by myself every day and Eddie is hopeful we can start a routine on the Total Gym that just takes up space in the garage for now.

I'd like to try to start back on the Bible verse memorization train. I started that last year and lasted a few months before just becoming a major slacker about it. Two verses a month. I think I need it!

I really would like to see my Willow House business take off this year! I'm really pleased and excited with the company, I enjoyed doing parties to get myself out of the house on occasion, and it would be nice to help contribute (just a bit) around here. I have some big goals after April 1st for Willow House. Hopefully it will all pan out!

I'd love to take more time for my marriage. Eddie and I often seem to just float by one another. Mothering and fathering takes a lot of time and energy and by the end of the day we're just wiped out. We need to spend more time together, even if it's not getting out of the house!

I am hopeful that I can really dig my heals into becoming a Proverbs 31 wife. I've been a complete wife slacker since I've been pregnant. Eddie has been a champ and has picked up a lot of my slack, but that's not fair. It certainly won't be fair after this baby is born. We need a routine and we need some order in this house!

I also want to be a better mama for my boys. James is really reaching an age where he's soaking in everything and learning a ton and I need to take advantage of that. He's wild, but he's fun and he really, really, really needs a lot more activities during the day that will help him learn and grow. Bless his heart, we've watched a lot of television since June and the sickies began. Hopefully I'll feel a lot better soon and we'll be able to focus more on schooling him in a fun way!

I need to work on being a better friend. I have just fallen off the face of the earth in a lot of my friendships and that's not great. I miss talking to a lot of my girls and I need to work on that as well. Friendships are so important!

Our family needs to really make an effort to put God first. It is crazy how much James picks up and is learning from us and we really need to make a better effort to put Jesus first so he'll pick up on that instead of worldly trash. We have such a responsibility with our boys and I don't want to drop the ball - especially where it comes to our faith in the Lord.

Hopefully I'll be able to make a big effort in all of these goals for 2012. I think they're all doable and obtainable. And very worthwhile!

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