Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby Brother...30 Weeks

*** I feel like I should put a disclaimer here that there is a lot of pregnancy talk here. Nothing gross, just a lot of pregnancy stuff. Carry on if you feel like it! ***

I had a great check-up today! I can't believe I'm going every two weeks now. Time is just flying by!

My glucose test from two weeks ago was fine. I think she said it was 83 which is fine. Anywhere between 70-125 is normal (I think).

I mentioned that I'd been having nose bleeds. They haven't been terrible but I did have an embarrassing time when we were out shopping after seeing Santa on Sunday. We just rushed to the bathroom quickly. Dr. W. said that sometimes low platelets can cause nosebleeds but that mine were fine two weeks ago. She said she'd be glad to order more testing but I declined. They're not THAT bad. More than likely it's just broken capillaries inside my nose since pregnancy causes you to grow so many more of that. That, combined with whack-o temperature changes and dry air have probably caused them to occur.

I asked if she could feel to see how he's positioned. I've mentioned before that he doesn't feel like he's in my ribs at all. I told Mama not too long ago that I am convinced he's breech. Well...he is. :) She barely touched the top of my belly and said, "Oh! That feels like his head!" Ha! She seemed surprised! She said his head is right up under my ribs so more than likely all of the pain and discomfort that I'm feeling (like I'm carrying him low) is just a result of his little feet and legs doing all their kicking down instead of up. I couldn't breathe with James and that hasn't been an issue at all this time. The symptoms I'm feeling this time are that my stomach might rip open - it literally feels like it might some days - and an early waddle. :) She mentioned that often the higher the baby is the lower he feels. Weird. Not sure why. She said he has PLENTY of time to flip before he's born (Eddie was a breech baby - yikes!) and that if he doesn't she'll flip him manually by pushing on my stomach to turn him (an aversion). (Although, I'm not sure whether I'd rather take the aversion route - which can be dangerous to the baby - or the c-section route. Let's pray this little boy turns!)

Everything else looked fine. My blood pressure was 122/70 and Baby Brother's heartrate was 153. My weight still looks fine and I'm measuring fine. He's growing and healthy and all is well!

Then she showed me how to turn the apps off on my iPhone. Ha! I really like her a lot. She is WAY laid back which helps me. :)

I drove to Albany today to pick up my other baby from Mama and to go to the fabric store there. I think I brought back 20 swatches to test out. Options, options! With James I knew exactly what I wanted...I don't even know what COLORS I want with this boy. No name, no nursery, no nothing. Poor second child!

Here's the other pregnancy stuff...

Size of the Baby: Baby Brother is about 15.7 inches long now, and weighs almost 3 pounds (like a head of cabbage).

Total Weight Loss/Gain: +7 pounds (By the way, I looked to see how much I’d gained with James at this point because with him I just felt HUGE and I’d gained 17 pounds by now. Ha! I WAS huge! I wasn’t chasing anyone around then, though, so I’m sure that has something to do with it.)

Maternity Clothes: I’m in them! I’m out of most everything else, save sweaters that are open in the front.

Gender: Another boy!

Movement: Yes! Lots and lots and lots of it. He enjoys sitting right on top of my bladder all.the.time. He is still super low, although I can tell his legs have grown because I feel punches and/or kicks up almost in my ribs now. He wiggles all the time now! I can almost be guaranteed a show right when I lay down to go to bed. Monday night he was wiggling so much that from the time I got in bed until I fell asleep I got up three times to go to the bathroom!

Cravings: Still feeling really, really good food-wise. I am still really craving sugars but trying to eat enough protein that I'm not crashing-and-burning.

Symptoms: I’m waking up with leg cramps, I have to potty all the time, my back and lower tummy are sore and achy. I think I probably wouldn’t be feeling quite this pregnant this early if I wasn’t hauling a toddler around all the time. He’s walking a lot, but I still have to heave him into the car and up on high things. Whew!

Sleep: Still ok. I’m actually falling asleep and staying asleep all night long, usually. Hope I don’t regret saying that! Someone has decided that our bed is more fun to sleep in, though, and he keeps me awake more than pregnancy does. It is taking me longer and longer to actually fall asleep, though!

What I Miss: Deli meat. And blue cheese. And yes, I know it’s okay to eat pasteurized blue cheese, but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to do it yet. (I also know that to miss blue cheese is WEIRD but my favorite restaurant salads have it on there.)

Best Moment This Week: All of our Christmas fun! The decorations are up, the elf has been to visit, and we’ve seen Santa! James and I have also been reading a lot of Christmas books and watching lots of Christmas movies!

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