Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sweet Little Prayers...

We have been working with James on prayers. We say the blessing, we pray on the way to school for our friends and a good day, and Eddie does bedtime prayers when they're trying to fall asleep. So far, they've been pretty "generic" prayers. You know, the "God is Great" kind at the table, etc. He doesn't get it yet, but he knows the routine and he's consistent at reminding us.

On the way to school two weeks ago we started our prayer and thanked God for our friends and teachers and prayed that he'd have a good day and be sweet and helpful while he was there. I wrapped up and said, "Amen," and he said, "Mo, Amen?" (Translation: More prayers?) So I let him tell me who/what to pray for. It was the SWEETEST thing and I can't wait for more of this. I'd apparently left out things and people he thought needed prayers or we'd forgotten to say thank you for!

It was quite a moment as I realized that that's all God wants, just those little child-like thank yous while we're talking to Him. The lessons I have learned as a mama!

Since then, I've witnessed even more times where HE leads me in what to pray. It's the most precious thing! This morning, I overheard him say the blessing while he was alone at the kitchen table eating breakfast. The faith of a child!

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