Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What We've Been Up To!

I mentioned that last week before the dreaded stomach bug hit our house, James had completed and entire day of potty training. He wore big boy undies all day long and the only two accidents he had were when he was in his booster seat. I'm not sure if he just didn't want to stop eating to go potty or if he just forgot, but I was impressed with only two accidents! We'll try again soon.

Doesn't he look cute in those undies??? He picked out cars and trucks over Mickey Mouse. I was shocked!

Saturday we were supposed to go to a family gathering at my uncle's house about an hour from here. Because James had been sick and there were other kiddos at the party, we opted not to share our germs. However, Papa, YaYa, Anna (Nena), and Lance (Memo...pronounced like it rhymes with Nemo {we cannot figure out WHERE this name came from}) came by to visit. We spent most of the afternoon outside enjoying the pretty weather and visiting with a cat from down the street. (YaYa, we have only seen him one time since Saturday and he was visiting the neighbor across the street. She said he belongs to a family a few doors down.) We had dinner at a Mexican place close by. I did not take ONE picture. I wasn't feeling great so I'll blame it on that. Oh well.

The fair is a big, BIG deal in our town. It brings in all kinds of people and makes all kinds of money. We had lunch with some friends after church on Sunday and they said when they went on Friday they probably spent $60 on food and $60 on rides - and they only rode 7 rides! They have two kids who are 9 and 4 so I know our time is coming.

We weren't sure we'd actually get to the fair this year. After the stomach stuff and the fact that our weekends are SO busy usually, we were looking for an evening to go after Eddie got off work. Eddie had something he really needed to look at (and possibly purchase), though, so we had to make room at some point in our schedule. Our Sunday lunch friends gifted us a pair of fair passes so we figured we may as well put them to use. We went late on Sunday afternoon. Not the ideal time to go, by the way. (Our best trip was two days before I had James and it was COLD, foggy, windy, and before noon. NO ONE was there and it was fantastic.) We spent a few hours wandering around looking at all of the animals and the vendors. We only spent $6 - on a funnel cake. That's a pretty good deal! We went late enough that by the time we got home it was time for a bath, some supper, and bed!

This boy was PUMPED.

We checked out the tractors and gators. He picked out this pretty thing. It cost more than I made in two months teaching. :) We decided someone else would be better off purchasing it.

The miniature horses were SO cute. James fed this one the last of his goldfish. And then asked for a "wipey, pease!" Ha! He doesn't like dirty hands.

This family was CA-RAZY. The boys rode together on one horse. Jumped to standing...

The back one jumped on the shoulders of the front one and THEN he did a back flip and landed on the horse behind him. We were amazed.

James LOVED it. He kept clapping and yelling, "More! More!" Favorite picture of the day above!

Our last stop was to see the baby chickens in the Perdue poultry barn. They were SO CUTE. I was shocked James actually held it.

So proud of himself!

We had a great quick trip to the fair. I think he would go back every day this week if we had the time (and energy). He kept asking if he could "Wide the wides!" Little daredevil. There are a few things we didn't get to do - exotic animals exhibit, eat a fried oreo, etc. - but we had a fun time.

I wish I'd gotten Eddie to take a picture of me after we'd finished our funnel cake. I was COVERED in powdered sugar because the wind was blowing so hard. It was EVERYWHERE. I think we ate it in a record five minutes because we just wanted to get rid of it! 

Hopefully soon we'll be able to go without the stroller. I know that's a few years in the future, but it would be easier to sit and watch the shows and go in the smaller things. By then, though, I bet two little boys would rather "wide wides" than see the "stuff."

James was able to go to school today - hallelujah! That boy needed to get out and socialize! I got a ton done while he was gone. Yesterday was a tough, tough day with a little boy who decided he didn't need a nap. I was wiped out. Our MMO days are FANTASTIC.

We have a busy week ahead! Bible Study, MMO, a Willow House party, and a little snuggling with Miss Anna Cate who was born yesterday. I cannot wait to get my hands on that little bitty thing! This weekend we have FUN plans and I can't wait!

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such cute, cute james pictures in this post! he is getting so big!!