Thursday, October 6, 2011

Get Well Soon!

I am so, SO ready to have a healthy child! Last week we were at the doctor's office twice - Monday and Friday. We finally got the cough and runny nose issue resolved over the weekend. And then he got sick again.

Wednesday morning while Eddie was in the shower James started crying. I got up to put him back in his bed but when I walked in he told me he had a dirty diaper. I put a towel down on his bed (thank HEAVENS!) and laid him down to change it. I've often been guilty of telling Eddie that "I changed the WORST DIAPER EVER!" but Wednesday morning I really did. I laid him down, realized how bad it was, and we went straight to the bathtub. The towel, pajamas, and diaper all went straight to the trash can.

After his bath we went back to his room to try to go back to sleep and he got sick. He avoided getting it on himself but we had to strip the bed and wash everything. Then, he had another bad diaper later in the morning. I got tickled because when he realized what had happened he told me he was dirty and said "Oh no! Bubba baff!" (Translation: Oh no! Bubble bath!)

By last night, I thought we were in the clear. I assumed it was the antibiotic he'd been on over the weekend so we just stopped taking it. His tummy hadn't been upset anymore and he hadn't thrown up anymore. He had taken two, two-hour naps yesterday which was delightful. Then, after his bath last night he told me he needed to potty and his tummy was still upset. Hmm...

In the middle of the night I realized James was next to me in bed and Eddie was stripping sheets again. He'd gotten sick in the bed again. That was a fun night's sleep. He was pitiful and I had about five inches of bed space.

This morning he's had an upset tummy and more throwing up. Currently, he's attempting nap #1. I hope it helps him feel better!

The doctor's office said to do a bland diet (the BRAT diet, but she didn't say that) for the upset stomach (they, of course, want it to run it's course and get whatever it is out of his system) and they're calling in some Zofran for the throwing up. Hoping it helps.

We had BIG plans for his Fall Break this week. We actually did Day 1 of a 3-Day potty training method. He was SO good and only had two accidents. However, I knew that if I had to contend with an upset tummy yesterday I would be in over my head. I hope this won't hinder our progress. I don't know when we'll have a do-over. You really need three straight days of going no where and having no one come over. This week would've been PERFECT. I think our next shot is over Christmas break but I was hoping to do it before then. :(

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Anna Catherine said...

John's going to kill me, but do you remember when he had an accident in the hot tub? haha! I told Lance about it the other day and he was so grossed out!