Friday, August 19, 2011

We're Out of Clean Blankets...

I feel like I probably should've waited until Friday to do our random weekly highlights since most of them were whining and tonight certainly fits in.

It is currently 3:24 AM and I've been awake since 12:58. :) Someone is a sick little boy. He woke me up screaming and almost as soon as I walked in his room he threw up everywhere. I think it had already happened once but I didn't realize it at the time. He has no idea what to think when he gets sick (especially if it wakes him up) so he just melts down. I yelled for Eddie over the monitor and he hauled a screaming, sick baby to the bathtub to be cleaned up. In the meantime, I peeled off his sheets, mattress cover, pulled out the mattress and got the dust ruffle...everything. It's been washed twice now and is currently on a second rinse with OdoBan.

After he was clean and smelling fresh again he got in bed with us. And that is where, about 20 minutes later, throw up number two occurred. *Sigh* Back to the bathtub, more stripping of sheets. Luckily for us (because our other set of sheets hasn't been washed yet), I had a third spare set of king size sheets stowed in our closet. We haven't used or washed them in three years, but it's better than nothing.

After bath number three for the evening we all got back in bed and James decided he was WIDE awake. Eddie fell asleep quickly and I stopped talking to James in hopes that he'd wind down. We'd already rocked and Eddie had already rocked him but he was just wound up. Finally, around 2:45 I asked him if he wanted to get back in his bed. Last time we had a throw-up episode Dr. W. said the best thing to do is to get him to go back to sleep. Since that wasn't happening in our bed, I thought it might happen in his. I put his clean sheet on, grabbed him some jammies, and was ready to put them on him when he started crying. Assuming I knew what was going to happen, he and I made a beeline for the sink where he got sick for a third time. At least this time didn't require a bath! I asked again if he'd like to get in his bed and he said yes.

We're currently on our last clean set of sheets, he's on his last clean set of sheets, he's on his last clean wubbie, and we're all exhausted. I, of course, can't sleep because I'm worried I won't hear him if he needs me again (we're both notorious for sleeping through cries on the baby monitor, unfortunately!). Eddie apologized for not helping more but I assured him that if I was up all night he could just burn a sick day tomorrow and be on call then. :)

I'm assuming this is probably related to all of the crud he and I have in our heads right now. I feel certain it's a childhood thing to throw up anytime you get sick. I seem to recall doing that almost anytime I had bronchitis or something throat-related. I'll call the doctor in the morning, but ours is so laid back I'm betting we won't even have to take him in.

Two good things of the evening: 1. James got a MUCH needed haircut. You'll be shocked to know that I even trimmed the back. It can no longer be put in a ponytail. (It was looking VERY much like a mullet.) I might've pouted about trimming it but he looks SO handsome. Pictures to come, I'm not about to worry about that right now. 2. James is currently asleep WITHOUT A PACIFIER. He asked for one (after we'd been through two) and I told him he'd thrown up on them and they were all dirty. We do still have a few more but they're all in the dishwasher. Maybe I'll be able to keep this up? Something tells me he isn't going to go for it at naptime tomorrow but we'll see! :)

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Lauren said...

oh my gosh. you poor thing. throw up is one mommy duty i am NOT ready for!!!