Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Update...

Thursday night I got my hair cut and colored for the first time since APRIL. Gracious! I've had a nightmare hairstylist adventure. In April the girl who has cut my hair forever (except for a brief time in college) told me she'd be moving. She's actually not moving too terribly far from us (she was originally in Tifton) but won't be cutting hair there yet. She's just cutting in Tifton on Tuesdays and Fridays and it's just not the most convenient for me. So I set out trying to find an interim hair person. I called a girl my cousin uses and she couldn't get me in very quickly. I told them I'd call back and I just never did. So I decided at the beginning of July that I needed to get it cut. I called a friend of a friend and she couldn't see me for two weeks. I made an appointment anyway just to have something. A few days before the appointment she called to reschedule the time. No problem! The day of the appointment her assistant called to say she was sick. That was fine but she couldn't get me back in for THREE WEEKS. I told her I'd be finding someone else. The assistant seemed shocked but I'd already waited two weeks for that appointment. Ridiculous. So I called a few other places and no one could see me for a minimum of two weeks. Finally and at last I called a friend's recommendation and I happily went to see Alicia Thursday to get a new cut and color. Hallelujah! It looks and feels 100 times better! Thank goodness! (Before and after pictures tomorrow...maybe? I know you all come here for pictures of me!)

Friday I let James get a "new" toy out of a box of toys I'd put away a few months ago. I had great intentions of cycling his toys and I just haven't done it. But Friday he chose one and had a ball playing with it. He set it up in the foyer, found me and said, "Cheese!" So I got my camera out and took pictures!

The face above is exactly how I know when it's naptime. He gets so frustrated so easily with everything and just melts down. Pitiful!

On Friday night we stayed home. There's obviously been a lot of that lately. We'd planned to go out but I was just feeling awful. In fact, I haven't felt great all weekend. The nausea is getting better, but I've still had bad headaches and I'm just exhausted! The boys had Zaxby's and I had the supper I've had three days in a row - an English muffin with tomato and cheese. Mmmm. That's been almost the only thing that has sounded appealing recently!

James had a weekend date in Atlanta with Papa and YaYa but Papa called Friday afternoon and had strep throat. So they planned to come on Sunday for lunch instead. And then I chickened out because I didn't want strep germs to jump on me. When I was pregnant with James I had bronchitis and it took a HORRIBLE shot and two rounds of super-low-dose antibiotics to make a dent in how I felt. I think I was sick that time for almost a month. SO...I called Saturday night and canceled our date. The good news is that James has rescheduled his date and will get to spend TWO nights instead of just one. :)

Saturday Eddie got lots and lots done around the house. He woke me up early and said he and Scout were going on a walk. James and I slept in while they walked (we should've gotten up and gone but Eddie admitted he enjoyed having time to get things done while we were sleeping! Ha!). He cleaned out our cars and then - to add further proof that James is no longer a baby - he turned the carseat around to the front! We could've waited three more months but his legs are getting a little cramped. We have met so much resistance about keeping him rear-facing for so long. I have been blown away by the number of people who have scoffed at our decision to keep him rear facing (and statistically safer in a wreck!!!) for so long. So be it. He wasn't unhappy and he was safe. Baby #2 will remain rear facing for as long as he/she can as well so get ready! He acted excited when we went on a test drive, but it could've been that he was feeding off of me acting excited. Maybe he doesn't even notice. I don't know.

James and I napped later in the day and I spent a good part of the afternoon in the bed reading. I am ready for the yuck to be OVER.

I sent the boys to church on Sunday without me. I did, however, try to be productive while they were gone. I worked on my to-do list and tackled a few things that needed to be done weeks ago. Slowly but surely maybe I'm getting my house back in order. It has been neglected! I napped while James napped and read a good bit, too. Eddie let me sleep when James got up and they played. I need to brag about poor Eddie for a minute. He has been super-husband/dad the past few weeks. Last night he washed ALL the dishes, wiped down the counters in the kitchen, and vacuumed all the hardwood in our house. He's WONDERFUL. He does a lot anyway, but he's totally picked up the slack.

We have a BUSY week ahead. Tonight was Open House at James' preschool and tomorrow is the BIG DAY. I can't believe I have a preschooler! Wow! We met his teacher tonight, Mrs. Sheila. There are five little boys and one little girl in the class. Poor little girl! Hopefully she's tough! James enjoyed playing with the toys in the classroom. I have my fingers crossed that our first week goes well!


The Guest Family said...

Yea for keeping him rear facing!!! You wouldn't have gotten any slack from us. I think its great!!
I want to keep sb rear facing a while too, but she is starting to get cramped. We will see!!!

Lauren said...

We are all about rear facing too! Let me know how tomorrow goes!!

Amy said...

we just turned libbi forward facing a few weeks ago. i was shocked too at how many people told us we should have turned her around sooner....what?!?!
anyway, hope james has a GREAT time at school and hope you enjoy YOUR time, too. libbi doesn't start until after labor day. when she was in school some days i felt like the time flew by, and then other days i felt like i was twiddling my thumbs until i could go back and get her. :)
can't wait to hear all about it!! :)

Anna Catherine said...

I'm so glad you're having another baby because your first born definitely isn't one anymore! boohoo! He's such a big boy!

Toyin O. said...

Very cute pictures.