Friday, August 12, 2011

Silly Boy Funnies...

It's been a while since I've posted a list of recent "funnies" that James has come up with here are a few:

The other day James was watching Sesame Street while I was in another room. I could hear them singing "Nuh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh - A!" spelling a word (I'm not sure what they were spelling). He started singing along - "Uh uh uh - A!"

He has totally "gotten" TV lately (maybe because we've watched so. stinkin'. much this summer!). On PBS the other day they had a song between shows that said, "Jump up and down, throw your hands in the air!" We were sitting on my bed and he stood up, jumped, and waved his hands around. He did NOT want the song to end and kept signing "more" to me.

And that's another problem we've run into! He wants "more" of a TV show if he especially likes something. Arthur is over? More! That song was funny? More! The problem is that we respond to his "more!" when we're in the den because we have DVR. He doesn't get that we can only do that in the den, though! We're just as guilty of it. Eddie says all the time (jokingly if we're in another room - although it does cross our minds), "Back that up! What did they say?" We constantly rewind when we're watching DVR.

One of James' favorite things to do is get in our bed and snuggle or "read." A few days ago I asked if he wanted to read with me so he got his books and we went to my room. I sat on one side and he sat on the other side and we read. He isn't a huge fan of being read to (which is heartbreaking for me! I love to read out loud!) but he does like looking at his books by himself. He stays interested longer. I read my book and he flipped through his for a while! "YaYa" (Elmo) books are his favorites right now!

James is an expert at cleaning. If something spills he runs to the kitchen like a mad-man to grab a towel and wipe it up. If he can't find a towel he finds the closest thing to one - shirt, pajamas, etc.

He is slightly obsessed with ice these days. If he hears me in the freezer he shouts "Ice!" and comes running. (It really sounds like "Owce.") He loves it if I accidentally drop a piece. He gets it, licks it, and throws it in the sink.

He knows all about his car (dar) and lawnmower (maw-mowa). The lawnmower has a gas can on it but he uses it for the lawnmower AND the car. Smart boy! He says "Das!" and pours it in!

He "spells" everything "A-Y." Not sure why those are his favorite letters.

He "counts" with letters. I've been working on 1-5 with him but he hasn't quite caught on. He can get three and five (somtimes) in their appropriate places, but if he's counting by himself he uses letters. I caught him recently counting spilled goldfish and he was saying "A....Y...." He even mimicked the drawn-out sound I make when counting - "Onnnne, Twwwwo, Threeee." Ha!

And a couple of recent videos for you...(I wish I could edit out this boy's mama's annoying voice...just ignore it!)

Fishing for Granddaddy.

James and the whistle.

I tried to upload a third but I think I'm over my size limit here. I'll post it in another post.

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