Friday, August 5, 2011

More About Baby #2...

Thanks for all the sweet comments! We're excited...and nervous...about adding to our family!

So we've been waiting a long, long time to tell this news. Whew! I waited until I was 13 weeks pregnant with James to tell anyone (aside from MaraDare and Cal who figured it out very early on). This time around, we knew we'd tell sooner, we just didn't know that we'd still have to wait a bit to do so.

We found out on June 3rd. There was a party in Tifton for Anna and Lance on the 4th and Eddie and I were getting ready to head out of town to St. Simon's Island after that. We had dinner at home on Friday night and on a whim we decided to see. Turns out, we were expecting! We found out this time around at under four weeks. It seemed like before we could actually tell anyone!

The really funny thing about finding out is that earlier that day, James and I had been at the hospital for bloodwork for him (the peanut allergy). In the waiting room a lady asked if I was pregnant. I was a little caught off guard and answered that I wasn't. She nodded and said, "Oh, but you're trying." Weird!

The first time around I got used to the "I dreamed you're pregnant - are you?!?" questions. I'm not sure what I put off into the world when I'm pregnant, but it makes all kinds of people dream that I am. I braced myself for questions this time around, but I still got kind of knocked on my fanny when I walked into Anna's party the day after finding out and someone asked me immediately if there was something I wanted to announce. I have only had the one person ask about it this time. Last time, there were several!

We decided to go ahead and share with our families and friends after our 8 week appointment. In all honesty, it was easier to keep the secret for longer with James because we didn't constantly have visitors at our house. No one knew if I was in the bed all day because no one was here with us! Something about James has made everyone want to come to our house all the time! So after a few visits where it took everything in me to pretend like I felt ok, we decided we'd just tell much earlier this time.

Our 8 week appointment was fine. We took James with us and he got to see the ultrasound while they did it. He absolutely has no idea what's going on but he does comment that there's a baby in my tummy. (And his tummy sometimes.) (And sometimes the baby is in my rib cage according to him. I know it's a matter of time before he's right about that!)

This is the only picture of eight that I took today that was even remotely cute. I finally made him sit down and say, "Hey Papa!" Whew! He wears me out sometimes! :)

As I mentioned, I've been feeling pretty pitiful. The sickies started around 7 weeks this time (about 5 with James). I've been very, very nauseated but no throwing up. I've had really bad headaches this time around. I don't feel good between noon and 8pm every day. I have to get my chores/errands done either first thing in the morning or after supper because otherwise they just don't get done. I've been very, very emotional this time around - and that's a HUGE difference from how I was with James. I'm not sure I cried much my entire pregnancy with James and this time I cry at the drop of a hat. Be delicate with me! :) I cried at supper the other night because there were gnats in our house and they were driving me bananas!

That's pretty much it for the first 12 weeks. I'm hoping the nausea will subside in the next week or so and I'll start feeling good for the next few months. I'm sure I'll slow down again around Thanksgiving/Christmas. We are due ON Valentine's Day so that's fun. Our next appointment is August 31st and we'll try to find out the gender that day. We ARE finding that out but we do plan to keep the name a surprise this time. There needs to be a surprise somewhere!

That tummy is a bit ridiculous, huh? Partly leftover from James, partly from the added fluff I've had from the first few weeks.


Lauren said...

you look so pretty in the picture!

Casey said...

i could just eat that little boy up! he is so cute! glad you guys decided to keep making precious babies :)

Amy said...

we were the same way....i think i found out i was pregnant on the very first possible day i could have and then had to start going to the dr every week for blood work, so it felt like i had already been pregnant for half the year by the time we told everyone! :)
and girl, i still think you need to start thinking "PINK!"
You look great....hope you start feeling better soon!! I am so excited to follow along!
and libbi always thought the baby was either in my tummy (or hers or jeffrey's - ha) or my boobs - hahaha! luckily, they're so young and don't retain everything, so she has forgotten all about the time that there was a baby in my tummy....otherwise, i would be mortified to have her still saying it now! :)

Lauren and Eddie said...

Amy, he pints to my boobs and says "baby" as well but I didn't think my dad would appreciate me saying that. Ha! It's either there, my belly button, or my ribs. Keep your fingers crossed for pink, but my prediction is blue... :) Who knows though! (Glad I'm not waiting as long as you did to find out!)

Lauren and Eddie said...

PS - Thanks Lauren and Casey!