Friday, June 3, 2011

A Crazy Week!

*** Edited to add in a breaking news update! Some of you will not be able to believe this. More craziness has occurred. I just realized that since I changed my email address back in like, December, that I wasn't receiving ALL of Pioneer Woman's blog posts. I was only getting Confessions! I've been missing out on all the food, homeschooling, etc. and I didn't even KNOW it! The problem occurred when she blogged (around the time of my switch) that she'd be cutting back a little on the blog to focus on her family more. I assumed that was what she'd truly done! Cut way back. I have some reading to do!  :) Glad I fixed this! ***

I have taken very few (if any) pictures this week. It has been a BUSY week. I cannot believe that today is Friday. Where has it gone? I guess it's true that summer flies by - even when you don't have a job to return to at the end of it! (Speaking of which, the county where we live is returning to school on August 1 this year. The CHILDREN are returning August 1. Crazy! At Tiftarea there were several years that we went back after Labor Day! And I'm only in my twenties - I'm not that removed from those days!)

So...Monday we spent the day at the lake, as you well know.

Tuesday was a semi-normal day. I cooked supper at 4pm and ran out the door at 5:30 for my last night of sewing class. I have to say that it was a VERY successful venture. Because Lauren is more tech-savvy (and has a better phone) than me, she posted several pictures of sewing and her finished product. Very cute! See her post here. I want to take another class soon. We'll see what's on the calendar for the sewing place and if I'd be interested. In the meantime, I'm taking orders for pajama pants! :)

Wednesday was a very, very uneventful day (I think). I actually put on a bathing suit *gasp* and laid out in the backyard and read. It was way. too. hot. to be outside, though. I didn't make it long and my back got a little toasty. A funny little story for you. As some of you know I have a dinosaur of a phone (in phone years it would be 77). Eddie bought me a Razor phone BEFORE WE WERE ENGAGED. We've been married almost three years so the phone is at least four years old. It has been the best, trustiest phone, but it doesn't do much. I can call, take super-grainy pictures, and text and that is it. (The texting hasn't even been long - we had that added to our plan about a year ago!) It has been dropped, the glass on the front is cracked, and it has been put through the ringer. I have never had a phone that could withstand as much as it has. I asked Eddie for a new phone for my birthday the year that James was born and, as some of you might remember, he told me (verbatim!) "When you have a paying job, you can buy yourself a new phone!" *Ahem* I politely reminded him that I was nine months pregnant with his child and he'd better be nice. Obviously he didn't take me seriously because I still have this old-as-dirt Razor. Well. On Wednesday as I walked out the door to lay out, I sat my towel, book, phone, baby monitor, and drink on a chair so that I could close the back door. The drink definitely spilled EVERYWHERE. Guess whose phone took a swim? Yep! Mine. I walked very slowly back inside (when I told Mama that she cackled - if it had been an iPhone I would've screamed and dialed 911 probably) and very slowly pulled out a bowl and rice. I disassembled the phone and put the parts into the bowl of rice. Later, when Eddie got home and I relayed the story to him he was panicked that the phone might not work. To his astonishment (not mine, I knew it was too good to be true), it worked just fine when I turned it on. Stink! *Sigh*

Last night I had Book Club and to say that it was hysterical is an understatement. We were supposed to meet at a local coffee shop. When we arrived there was a church service/art show going on. (I could never figure out which it was. The man was a preacher...and an artist? I dunno.) Anyway, after realizing that the packed place wasn't going to empty out anytime soon, we decided to head over to Mellow Mushroom. We called ahead (it is literally across the street) and they had a table for the 10 of us so we made our way over. By the time we got there ( 5 minutes max) the table had been given away. Our only option was outside on the patio or in my car. :) We live in Middle Georgia. If you ain't from 'round here, you won't understand but it is HOT in Georgia right now. Like hot, hot. The patio, while not ideal, seemed to be our last resort. We were seated outside with about 10 other people scattered around various tables and they all looked like college boys. Can you imagine what they were thinking? Ha! Our waitress came to take our order and - I kid you not - all 10 of us ordered water. What must SHE have been thinking?!?! Poor girl! We made up for it, I think. About the time we started to dive into our discussion on The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney, Mellow Mushroom began...(wait for it)...TRIVIA. Have you played trivia? Do you know how LOUD it is? It was so loud that two of the women actually left because they couldn't hear. The rest of us stuck it out. Eventually, we were moved to an indoor table (not much cooler, not any quieter, but without smoke) where we had dessert. I will not even mention all of the details for fear that I would embarrass myself. Suffice it to say that my face turned ten shades of red when a team name (that was not at ALL appropriate) was read over the loud speaker. All in all we had a GREAT time. It was hilarious and the company was wonderful. It was great to just get out of the house! I'm hosting at my house in July. Hopefully it'll be cooler and quieter here!

Today James and I have been busy bees. I got up when Eddie left so that I could jump in the shower before my sidekick was up for the day. He and I had a date to the hospital to get his blood drawn. We went to the same lab that did his bilirubin check (twice) when he was just a few days old and the ladies there were wonderful. They talked to him and played with him before they got started. Unfortunately, my child has a super memory and when he saw the "butterfly" he melted down. They were great, though, and tried to keep him calm. The first stick (and wiggle, etc.) took about three minutes and it was unsuccessful. Little Man apparently has uncooperative veins. The second try was immediately successful and they got three or four vials of blood. Whew! Thank goodness! Hopefully we'll hear something Tuesday or Wednesday of next week!

After we left the hospital we went to Target and to Kohl's to get a few things. James was a perfect shopping companion and let me wander and try on for about two hours! (When we left the hospital I told him he could pick out a prize at Target and he said, "TeeTee?" So, we got a new Mickey movie!)

This afternoon has been a little crazy! First, I had lunch from Sonic (no surprise!). What I had will shock you. A chili cheese coney! I haven't had a hotdog in probably 10 years! It was delicious and I could've eaten three! (I didn't.) Eddie asked if I was ready for Shady Lane this weekend. They have red hot dogs and I am not ready for that but he assures me that you can't tell when you have tons of chili on top. I think I'd rather drive to Sylvester for Dairy Queen. (If you know where Sylvester is and you've never eaten at their Dairy Queen, do yourself a favor and stop next time! MMmmm!)

Second crazy thing this afternoon involved Facebook and 911! Ha! Tifton's 911 sent out an alert that an 11-foot albino python was loose and hungry. Hahahaha! I thought it was hysterical. (Of course, my aunt, uncle, and cousins who are a block from where it lived didn't think it was quite as funny.) After 911 issued the alert Facebook blew up with messages about it. As of now, I'm not sure if it's been found. I'll keep you all posted.

The third, and most disgusting, crazy thing is that James took off a dirty diaper this afternoon and stomped around in it. Bleh!!! Gag! Needless to say, he's had a bath this afternoon and my floor has been mopped! Yuck!

I know that's a long post, but I thought there was too much excitement around here not to share it! Hope your weekend is wonderful!

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