Monday, May 9, 2011

The Sickies...

Have I mentioned how ready I am for my whole family to be healthy at the same time??? If it's not one of us, it's another.

James and I spent the morning at the doctor's office. He woke up at 3:30 and stood up in his crib and yelled "MOMMY!" until I finally got myself up to rescue him. I realized quickly that the fever had returned. It was 101.6 then. We got a drink and some Tylenol and I took him to our bed. We changed directions and moved to the floor of the den pretty soon after when I realized that one of us should probably get some sleep. I finally convinced James to go back to bed around 5 and he slept about two more hours.

So...the doctor's office was about as baffled as I that he didn't have any other real symptoms. They pricked his thumb and drew blood (and holy cow that's drama-inducing for my boy) but the bloodwork came back fine. His white blood cell count was normal. There was something that was elevated (can't remember what he called it) but he said that was just infection fighters. SO...he has a viral infection, it's just not specific. Dr. W. did ask if James has had roseola before. He has had that. Remember the measel-looking bumps he had back in the fall? He shouldn't get that again. He's also had the chicken pox vaccine, so that shouldn't be it. I'm supposed to continue Tylenol/Motrin to reduced the fever/pain, etc. and call back in a few days if it hasn't changed or a rash appears.

Pitiful little boy. He's been fun to snuggle, though!

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Amy said...

bless his heart! we've had a few friends here lately that have had a "fever virus" where they ran a fever and didn't have much appetite, but other than that no other real symptoms. dontcha hate it when your baby is sick and you go to the dr and they tell you it's "just a virus?" and keep doing what you're doing. not that i want anything to be really wrong, but c'mon, give us some antibiotics or something!!
hope james starts feeling better soon (and that both of y'all get some rest!)