Saturday, May 7, 2011

Change of Plans...

In less than 30 minutes my sweet friend Kate will walk down the aisle at First United Methodist Church and get married. We're supposed to be there. I've been SO looking forward to this wedding. But, there has been a change of plans.

Those of you who know him in real life know that this is a sight that never happens. James has two speeds: on and off. And off only occurs when the conditions are just right (i.e., lights out, in his bed, wubbie, paci, black-out curtains closed, sound machine on). But something about a 102* fever will knock you right out. We're not sure what's wrong, but I knew we needed to stay home and snuggle.

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Anna Catherine said...

The only thing I like about this picture is the fact that he still looks a little like a baby. Poor little thing!