Sunday, May 22, 2011

Catch Up...

We've been out of town since Thursday night but we're back home tonight! Thank goodness! (Although, James has decided that even though he hasn't slept the past three nights he doesn't like the idea of sleeping tonight either. ARGH!!!!)

A few things to catch up on tomorrow:

1. James was NINETEEN months old on Friday! Can you believe it? I'll do his 19-month post this week.

2. Anna and Lance got MARRIED on Saturday in a secretive, private ceremony! I'll post my pictures ASAP.

3. We spent lots and lots and lots of time with Grandmamma and Granddaddy, Poppy and Cacky, YaYa and Papa, Grandmommie, Kelly, Anna, Lance, and John this weekend so there's lots of updating to do there as well.

4. John Michael's FIRST birthday party was today and we had a fun time getting to see some of our best friends. Pictures to come for that as well!

5. I need to do a major grocery shopping trip this week and I HAVE to get back in the habit of real cooking very soon. Cooking Light, here I come!

6. Lauren and I didn't have sewing last week, but we're back at it this week.

7. I have been reading up a STORM lately. So far, I've read four books in the month of May and I'm working on four more right now! Whew!

In the meantime, here are a few more videos to enjoy!

Video #1: Christmas Morning '10. He could just barely walk here, as seen in the video. And we woke him up to see what Santa brought him, so he's not entirely awake. (For the record, we don't ever wake James up "just because." We were leaving for my dad's later that morning and needed to do Santa if we were going to hit the road on time! Don't wake a sleeping baby unless you absolutely have to!)

Video #2: James has a terrible cough. December 28, 2010.

Video #3: Reading! James loves books. But rather than letting me read to him, he usually opts to flip through a book on his own. Laying on his tummy to read is usually a bathtub trick, but he did this one night for us on the rug instead. (And please note that he rubs his face on the rug. For whatever reason we discovered that he's never more excited than when we have a new rug in the house. When we were trying rugs out he flipped out every time we had a new one. They've lost their appeal now, but at first they were awesome!!!) Filmed March 2, 2011.

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Lauren said...

Glad you had a good weekend! I missed sewing this week and am excited about Tuesday!