Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A List...

1. I feel as though I have NOTHING to blog about. Nothing. James and I didn't leave the house at all yesterday so things haven't been exciting since the weekend.

2. I am totally, head-over-heels into the Royal Wedding. I am obviously their target audience. I have hours and hours of DVR-ed Royal Wedding shows to watch. You may not be aware of this (because he's such a private person) but Prince William was my first boyfriend. Seriously! Yes, I was the geek with the Prince William biographies. They're still in my room at Mama's.

3. One of the baby birds hatched yesterday! I've been trying to keep my distance from them so I haven't checked to see what their status is today.

4. James has not pooped on the potty since I told the pediatrician about it last week.

5. I have some plans this week. Thursday I'm going to be playing Bunco for the first time ever. We'll see how it goes! Friday I have a date to the local Old Book Sale. It was wonderful last year and I cannot wait! Saturday I am finally getting a much-needed haircut/color. I'm thinking of chopping it short again. Saturday afternoon I am co-hosting a Sip 'N See. :) Sunday we're attending another shower for a family friend who is retiring after teaching school for 38 years. That is dedication, my friends.

6. I've been organizing my desk and clipping coupons this morning. I'm trying to get myself in a more organized state of mind. Some of you know how difficult this is for me.

7. James spotted Eddie's bagels on the kitchen counter this morning and insisted that he have one for breakfast. He almost ate an entire half. I think we have another carb-lover in our household.

8. The Willow House Spring Sale is almost over. Let me know quickly if you'd like a flier or would like to place an order!

9. I've been scouring eBay for a few days for two items: an Audrey Cluster necklace from Stella&Dot to go with my bracelet (I started bidding on one at $0.99 but it's now up to $20-something) and a 4th of July smocked outfit for James.

10. Zulily has become my new favorite flash-deals website. Feel free to click HERE to see what it's all about. They have FANTASTIC deals on kids' clothes and toys. Yesterday, I ordered James a Silly Goose shirt/shorts set that was originally $60. It was marked down to $28 and I had a $15 credit. Not a bad deal, huh? You'll have to sign up to use the sight but I HIGHLY recommend it!

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Lauren said...

I have a ton of friends who play Bunko and the love it!!! I hope you have fun!